AA flashlight with ramping?

I used Nitecore D10 for 9 years. Now I’ve lost it. Can you advice me AA flashlight with “ramping”, without fixed modes?
I use mostly alk batteries, not accums.

D10 is a great light, I still use mine all the time. I also have a D11 which I’ve been thinking of selling. I’ll pm you.

There’s a possibility of a BLF edition Sofirn SP10S with Anduril or an Anduril-like UI in the future at some point if you’re patient and optimistic. Here’s the thread: Sofirn SP10 Pro (AA/14500/Andúril 2) - now available!

Also, I strongly encourage you to get some eneloops if you don’t use them already. You won’t regret it.

Thank you. AA batteries are more useful for me. I use flashlight only for 3 things:

  1. Walking home (20 minutes not every autumn and winter evening).
  2. Blackouts (5 nights per year as a candle).
  3. Home seeking under the beds etc.
    So, I drain only 6-10 battaries per year and it is much useful for me to have one more battary in a bag than to think about eneloop recharging, lifetime etc. And runtime in lower levels of brightness is more important for me.

I’ve ordered Lumintop Toll25 (2xAA) from Ali. Hope, it will be a good candle, but for bag I want something smaller and with ramping.

It would be great to have one. If it will be not implemented in reality and if I will not find something else with ramping on AA, then, may be, I will bought BLF FW3A.

Sorry for ugly English.

I am not aware of even a single AA light that has a ramping UI?

If you can find a Sunnwayman V11R though they feature a rotary variable output by twisting the light and also mine came with an AA body tube as well!

So I use mine as you do and almost always at really low levels.

Also look at the Maker E03 AA Right Angle light/Headlamp maybe,this light has a 22 level Moonlight mode that you can easily set anytime you like and is simple to change but also the only light I know of with that much repeatable Moonlight selection which I really love!

The Thrunite TH2O headlamp is the only AA powered torch I know of with D10 UI. From my perspective it improves on it with instant access to moonlight, etc.
Again, it’s a headlamp, no pocket clip and a bit of a loss of throw.

The Blitzwolf BW ET1 has some kind of ramping!! But it is not a Anduril style, very far from that…

The Acebeam H40 also has ramping, but I imagine that’s not the form factor you’re looking for.

I used D10 for a long time. It’s a great light.