AA keychain or other small light as gift for a lady

Looking for simple to operate, keychain light with good battery life that a woman would like.

How about an ITP A3? They come in different colors, single AAA, the upgraded one has 3 modes or you can get the single mode one. Roughly about 20 bucks. I'll be getting one for my gf at some point. Will probably get one for myself too.

Here's a cheaper option. Lennart posted these on another thread.



How about this one?


Olight i2 EOS from goinggear.com

Just gave to a lady and she even commented on how nice the beam was!

Maybe the smaller AAA version will be better for you?: http://goinggear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=14_23&products_id=3312

I have bought cheapO no-name crap from ebay and DX for family and they all crapped out or had intermittent issues. Stick with a good brand name device with support from a good company. The few dollars more is worth it.

What about the Tank007 E07 BLF Edition?

What miamilight said



Another option?Never seen the black cat myself,but some here

on the forum has it on their key chains.


What about the SkyRay S2. Stainless Steel and easy to attach to a keyring or use on a neck cord as a piece of bling

Thanks everybody for the keychain light suggestions. Will check em' out

I would prefer a flashlight, which is available in different colors.

For example the Fenix E01:

Fenix E01

or the Xtar WK30