AA Maglite Mod?

Have an old AAx2 maglite laying around and want to do something with it, what can I do?

Heheheh...oh my! Hold on...

Match's clean and simple 15 minute mod

Match's triple XP-G Mini-Mag mod

The Micro Mac-lite - My own twist on the Mini-Mag

I simply bought this and dropped it right in:http://www.amazon.com/TerraLUX-TLE-5EX-MiniStar2-Extreme-Flashlight/dp/B000B868MK. Rated 140 lumens and blows the socks off the original bulb (or even a stock 2AA Mag LED). I love to show people a stock 2AA Mag (non-LED) and then one with that module. By the way, that price came down. I paid about $18 to $20 back in Feb. 2011.


Or $4.97 at our local Lowes got this:


Makes some nice white light for cheap. Gave my son the clicky and still may use the reflector.

But it isn't as cool as the Cree mods above, so I yanked the module out and crammed it into a 2 * AAA Brinkman Micro Max for my first "real" flashlight mod with a little grinding, drilling, filing, and cutting.

Makes a perfect little task light . . . and now the Minimag can become a sleeper. :)

Also you can put an led drop in for d sized mags into it and then run it off of 2 14500's.


Is there a thread showing a holder for the PR2 bulb in the Minimags? How is the heat with 8.4v? I've been thinking about trying this in an old plastic bodied energizer light with lithium primaries (Our local HD is only about $8 for the PR2 but I'm not sure if it is the 1W version).

There is a 1W bi-pin version that fits the Minimags and their FAQ says it works with lithiums and rechargeables, but I'd call to check the input to be safe. FAQ says the same for the cheaper, older version with fewer lumens, too.

The Match mod with this single mode U2 XML powered by 2 14500 Flames is one of my favorite pocket rockets.