AAA edc Flashlight

Hi everyone,just started up on and think its great! So I am looking for an edc flashlight,the things i would like in it are:

-Pocket clip

-AAA battery

-Under £20/$30

-Not to complicated, so only one or tow modes.

So ya, i plan to carry it in the back pocket of my trousers everyday(clipped on).The only one i have in mind in the moment is the streamlight microstream.Any suggestions would be great cuz you lads know your stuff.I have a few lights but am no expert,so i was really hopeing you guys could help me :)


Freddie, you know at I think, but let's wait till other guys chime in :)

Twisty for US$23.99


Clickie for $13.71


I've got both and had no problems with either.(They are the only AAA with clips that I've got...)

I'm sure others will chime in and give more options.

Welcome to BLF!

The dealextreme one looks great,might have to try that one out :)


the famous Fenix LD01 comes with its own clip. you can buy its clip separately for 2.50$ shipped conus and 4.25$ else

Ya the LD01 was suggested to me but the price is a bit steep :(

How about this: $35

Here is a review by old4570

I have this one. It's great and I use it everyday. $20.50 before discount and shipping. It comes with a clip.

Same as mine basically. Olight owns iTP