About AliExpress' FLAWED feedback/rating system and FIX-UP

Hello my dears,

Do you usually leave AliExpress order feedback upon receipt? Do you believe you need to leave feedback upon order receipt?

As I see this, the key here with the AliExpress system is you are directly taken to the order feedback page once you confirm goods received. But you don't need to leave feedback at that time and, how can you leave any worthwhile product comments and rating if you've barely opened the package? This remembers me of at least a couple orders where I had left feedback and rating to later publish additional feedback because of product issues. Problem is you can't revise the rating at a later date.

Inflated ratings galore. This is what this causes. They seem to just @#$% want their 5-star bars to show to the fullest and this is a goal besides customer satisfaction, at least as it is.

Not for me anymore:

Cheers ^:)

So why would anyone leave a 5 star whatever before being perfectly happy with their purchase? Leave a review when you feel a review is warranted.

I don’t normally give product ratings until I actually get to use that product. I don’t give 5 stars just because it showed up. That would be just plain stupid. I will give rating on delivery time and packaging but not product quality.

Order feedback and product feedback are two different things in my opinion.

Not to mention it’s damn hilarious that you ordered from a store named “Muggle Hardware Paradise Store”

Besides, maximum rating is in most cases considered “exceptional”. But those trading platforms make people use it for “average” making stuff look better than it really is.
For this reason I never rate unless my rating is in line with what site expects - which means either exceptional or very low.

Thanks for the insight my friend.

Here is another thought. When writing a review, the page in question times out after a bit (perhaps 20 minutes), so you have to log back in again. You may or may-not be able to continue writing your review after you log back in - I have had experiences both ways. If you are going to write a lengthy review, you may want to do it in a text editor first and they copy and paste it into the AliExpress feedback form, and then submit it.

But to Ali'a credit, negative reviews DO (in my somewhat limited experience) get posted.