About Free Shipping Buy From China

I have seen many people talk about the long shipping time buy from china,

I tell everyone about the shipment that buy from china, if you buy from china for free shipping service, the supplies will choose the china post airmail or HongKong post airmail,the other shipment are expensive,both two shipment about 7-25working days ship time, so if you choose free shipping,you will wait a long time. but don't worry, only long time.

Don't worry , only long time .

What, I think your Chinese to English translation software has a glitch.

Me no worry. Only long time. Me love Buy From China. Me love you long time. Buy From China my friend. You sell for me $1. One dollar you my friend!

Thanks for the reassurance that it will eventually arrive, after the only long wait time.

My real question to you is how can they offer free shipping even for items that are too cheap? How much do they pay for cheapest shipping?

I really don't mean to be "mean" about this, That is a response that is given by many who order from China sellers. I will say that this is not directed to you or your company, but as an international seller selling/advertising board there needs to be a more personal relationship. It's really not about group buys or great deals, it's about giving buyers a good feeling about visiting your site and feeling confident regardless of HKP or whatever shipping method chosen, that if there is an issue the selling entity will at minimum hear, respond and help to rectify the situation.

This is an international community, we are all at the mercy of the post service.

Yes there are many that choose "free shipping" option from many China dealers, but all I think people want is that if there is a problem just hear us (buyer) respond with more than "wait more days".

There is very good Translation software out there.

Bottom line..

<many of this $ is US, EU, AUS built>

paypal charged.. just hope you get it back after dispute

EDIT: I dont know OP. But Save yourself now!

Becoz they use airmail-hongkong mail service

when they decide the retail price,they will consider this , and airmail is charged by weight,so some cheap items are always light, so....

That criteria can be applied to any country but you don't see them giving free shipping worlwide even for $2 items.

Did Summer or Jim or any other reps from China/HK answered this already or nobody asked?

Shipping from China to the US is cheap. It's whatever the government says it is. If they want to encourage business they can provide free or almost free shipping.

Our government has encouraged local farming in the past by giving subsidies to our farmers for certain crops.

Our mailing fees to China are relatively expensive but who's to say our rates are the "right" rates. Our government could provide free postal service to China if it thought that the increased business for the U.S. economy would be more than the cost of the "free" shipping.

That's not the case in part because the people of China aren't lining up to buy our products.

A girl said that to me when I was in Thailand. "love you long time". Was she talking about postage?

If she was a customer representative from DealExtreme contacting you about a flashlight, then she was probably talking about postage. If she was in another line of business situated, let's say, in Bangkok, then probably not so much.


We have cooperation with airmail,so we have a cheap shipping fee

the fee is determined by weight...

Sunday, how much are the actual "cheap shipping costs" (in U.S. dollars)?

"No worry I coming long time". Translation...don't worry (it is) coming but it will be a long time. So, if you were talking to a girl in a shop and were ordering some flashlights to send back home ...yes...it was about postage.

Otherwise...no :)

You were buying world famous Thailand flashlights weren't you? On a Friday night out in back of the hotels...you know ...where they market the ...lights...

errrr.... yes. I was out looking for flashlights and took a wrong turn. Went into a bar and saw a new way to use ping pong balls.

The simplest way to find out how much shipping is from Hong Kong is to buy something from Kaidomain. They use stamps and it is easy to convert Hong Kong Dollars.

I have just looked at some other old envelopes and ther price of postage is for one is 41 yuan and another larger one is 56 Yuan. The problem is that I can't remember what was inside them.

Another (smallish one) was 2.50 Hong Kong Dollars and there are a few Hong Kong Dollars to the US dollar.

to have the ships fee:

15*Weight(in kg)=~x$

add 2 or 2,5$ for tracking number

please choose Hongkong post, don't choose china post, china post is a shit. so long ship time.i always choose HK post.

but many supplies ship by china post for free ship, because the china post cheaper than HK post.

thanks, could you tell me a better software?

Well if the converter is right I have the UF 2100 envelope here and it was 41.00 yuan which equals $6.50 USD. The weight looks lke (hard to read) .02 kg. So I guess it makes sense in a way if you look at how currencies work around the world.