About the "free return" of Aliexpress

There was one person in a Facebook group who used free returns to send back a flashlight he purchased at full price, just so he could purchase again on special. Absolutely terrible to know people are doing this.

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I’ve seen people buy 10-15 computer mice worth 30-100$ each, keep their favorite and return the others at full price. They didn’t even get why I called them out for it.

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Whole tribes think it’s acceptable to order several dresses, choose one, wear it at a party, and afterwards return the lot. That’s why free return on clothes are coming to a halt in NL.

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Why not have a very conspicuous tag on the outside, and refuse any returns if the tag is damaged/removed?

That used to be A Thing here until something similar to that was done, ie, no tucking the tag under a sleeve/collar.

After my last experience with Aliexpress, I now have to at least smile a lot about this thread :smiley:

Tbh, I am happy that I have the option of free return. At least in cases where defintely something was wrong (not this “I tested it and sending it back because I don’t need it”), this is quite helpful to get the money back.

I ordered three Wurkkos FC11C from the official Wurkkos store on AliExpress. Received them this morning. One sticker on the box says “FC11” (the factory one, I think), the other two say “FC11C”. Had to open one up, and sure enough, the engraving on the flashlight barrel is FC11, not FC11C as it should be (and is shown on the product photos). Filed a return complaint with AliExpress. There’s no way I could have found out without opening the box and inspecting the merchandise (I only opened one of the three, the other two remain unopened but will also be returned).

Have a read of the horror stories on Reddit.


General consensus on Reddit is not to ship stuff back.Better off asking for a refund, even if you only end up with a partial refund it’s better then loosing the item and the money.

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I’ve only had to use their return service once before. They issue you a prepaid shipping label to an address here in the UK. The process was straightforward in my recollection, and I got a full refund.

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Forget about returning stuff purchaed from China. You may be able to get a credit of the item arrives broken.

I have received refunds for a dozen items since buying from Ali Express. I have never sent an item back. I usually contact the seller and have always come to an agreement for a refund. I however did not know about the way AliExpress treats the sellers so thanks Simon for enlightening me about this. I might have to look at convoys (currently don’t own one) for my next buy.