About to give up on AA and 14500 lights

I bought a solarstorm sco1 a couple months ago. It lasted about a week and then it wouldn’t turn on anymore. I filed a paypal dispute and get my money back. I just bought a SKILHUNT DS15 figuring maybe I had a problem with the solarstorm just because it was cheap and from Wallbuys. I only got 5 days out of the DS15. I went to use it today and it would not turn on. I checked the batteries, the tail cap, and the tube. Everything was good, it just won’t turn on. I sent banggood a pm and an email to their customer service. we’ll see what happens. Has anyone else had problems with these little 14500 / AA side switch flashlights?

I have a Sunwayman C15A and a Oligth S15, no problem.

yeah, I kind of figured it’s just my bad luck. You give me the choice of two options I can pick the wrong one every time.

You definitely seem to have bad luck with them.
I have had a SC01 now for a year, i modded it with a Nichia 219 and use it quite a lot, and it works great. Also have a S15, many Sipik SK68s, Thrunite Ti2s, along with dozens of other single AAA & AA lights and none have given me any problems.

I really only have one 14500 light capable these days and it’s my EDC, the SC52w. For the past year I’ve had it, I did find the high on AA to be lacking at times and I did need a bit of oomph. I didn’t want to look for an 18650 EDC as I saw them a bit too big for my purposes, so instead, I’ve bought 14500 cells to give me that quick 500 lumens in the SC52w if/when I need it.

Are the batteries the same ones you used in the Solar Storm?

Just seems bizarre that you get 2 different lights and both mess up that quick.
I have had batteries measure fine outside the light and still screw up when installed.
Would be a nice easy fix if that were the issue.

switching batteries was the first thing I tried after checking the tail cap. first thing I thought was man this thing must have a really high parasitic drain. I took the battery out and stuck it in the charger and it was still over 4 volts. I then tried a couple other batteries to see if it was that battery. still no luck even with different chemistry’s.

what did you do about the three wire star to fit the nichia?

i left the white “ground” wire not connected to anything. (used shrink tube to insulate it.)

I think one of the wires is just a for grounding the driver, and the flashlight should work without it. [<--posted too late] My SC01 has been pretty troublesome, and I expected more out of a $15 light with many positive reviews. I realize $15 is still very little for a quality flashlight, but I expect it to function at the very least.

Anyway, my SC01 started flickering and turning itself off after less than 10 minutes of use. After troubleshooting, I determined that the aluminum reflector was causing a short. Some of the wires were soldered on the mcpcb too close to the pill. It hasn't flickered ever since I replaced the reflector with a TIR optic, so I would say check the soldering on the mcpcb and insulate the connections.

After I fixed the flickering problem, the blue switch boot kept coming off, and I could never get it to seat properly. Someone borrowed my flashlight and somehow shredded up the boot after it popped out. I'm now in search of a cheap diy replacement for it.

You’re better off with an S10 or S20 anyway…

I have a sc03 that i got the same time as the sc01 and it flickers in low/ramping. It does it from turn on. High works fine thought. It also randomly jumps into strobe. I have pretty bad luck with small flashlights.

the worst part is their size is just perfect for me to carry. I would love to find one that works and will last me a couple years instead of a week! |(

But my Arc AAA “Snow White” is the one utterly reliable pocket size light I still carry regularly — when I just don’t want any worry. (And living in earthquake country, that means any time I’m going to use an elevator, or subway, or …)

I originally got my SC01 to use as an emergency light, but I now have zero confidence that it'll work when I need it to. I've since gotten other AA lights that fit the bill. For edc, I've been very satisfied with the L3 L10c. The gbgb S1 clone has been good, too, though it runs on AAA.

I'd avoid anything with just an e-switch. Clickies are more reliable, and twisties even more so.

Don’t get turn down just because two flashlight failed on you.

anyway, for budget lights, my Ultrafire U20S is what i never regret having one, good flood beam, great UIs but bad low mode which is way way too bright, Trustfire R5-A3 works almost like a little thrower on 14500 which also has decent low mode.

I’ve been using the SC01, I love the size and UI, and it’s plenty with a 14500. One of my thoughts as to what might be causing a problem is this: these lights can be locked out by means of a small turn of the bottom cap. It seems to be enough when you cause the bottom leading edge of the tube to no longer contact the tailcap. You could check that there wasn’t accidentally a small bit of anodizing on that edge, and that there isn’t any dirt inside the tailcap that could cause a poor connection for that ground. Unlikely, but possible.

with the SC01there’s good continuity between the tail cap and the body tube. the only time the light will come on now is it will direct drive with a 14500. put a 14500 in the tube, tighten down the tail cap and the light comes on permanently. the side switch does nothing, its just on.

Your AA light luck sounds like my charger luck, i can’t find one that can charge to 4.2V or works properly over the long term.
I think you have some off brand lights, i bought two Klarus P1A and a Romisen RC-G2 (shiningbeam) and all three have done great, i just don’t use them anymore since i gave two away and they are not bright enough for my needs but make great backup lights

I’ve owned most of the lights mentioned here and so far my favorite AA / 14500 light is the Spark SF5. I gave my SC01 to a friend for a giveaway because the low frequency PWM gave me a headache. The Olight S15 in Titanium is a nice light, too, and it also has a nice, neutral white tint.

The lights below are the ones I really like out of my collection:

Or why not just bypass your bad luck and get a 16340 flashlight with an AA extender like the V11R or the SRT3?