About to vanish for two weeks

Where I'm going next week has no landline (BT want $50,000 to install one, the home cost a lot less than that) or cellular data signal. Can usually get voice but not always. The nearest place I can get a data signal is 30km away - across a few mountains. The road may, or may not, be passable. My car is dangerously useless in snow so signal hunting is not an option.

So if you don't get a reply, I'm not ignoring you - I just will not have seen the message.

Have a great trip Don! Don't forget to pack a flashlight or ten!

Thanks for letting us know. We'll catch you on the return side.

Hope you have a nice time and the weather is what ever you think is good :)

I love snow, but then again I don't drive.

Travel safe!

Bring back lots of beam shots! And be safe...

Have fun!

You can use the snow for heat sinking... ;)

Have fun and be safe Don.

Enjoy the time as best you can. See ya back in 2 weeks. :)

Have a great trip Don. I am wondering how wild this place is and what beamshots can be made

This is the track up to the place.

And here it is - the building is about 300 years old, the walls are over a metre thick.

According to Google Earth the line of sight to the green conifers in the background is 380m. There is a river between the two power poles in the foreground.

Wow, it is beautiful! Have a great time Don and take many pictures!

If the weather permits. It is snowing there just now. Not all that cold though, only -2.


Is about 8km from where I will be.

What can be desired by one flashaholic to another:

ROFL :bigsmile: :p Don't forget batts also, Don :bigsmile: Have a nice trip ;)

I would also get a box of beer of choice if it is a leisure trip...

This is right in the middle of where the whisky comes from...

Actually, I prefer English beer to Scottish, the Scottish stuff tends to be of very high original gravity and hence very strong. But there is a lot of residual sugar leading to a sweetish beer which I find unpleasant.

There is a distillery in England that makes whisky. I believe cats are involved.

Nice trip Don! Do you know which flashlights and batteries are you going to carry?

All of them that I can find. :)

At least 100 of them.

And the batteries, chargers, spares and so on. About 60kg in total. Which I'll have to carry for around a kilometre up the track.

Along with the food, clothing, cameras, dog food, dog bed.

It'll be some healthy exercise for me.

Have fun Don. We will miss your post while your gone

You will carry 100 lights! I have something between 10 and 15, and I sometimes forget some of them around the house.. I don't know how can you avoid losing them!

I don't. I've lost two in the last 3 months.

There are something like 130 of them around here - I can usually find 110 or so.