Absolute Winners of the single AAA format

Here you go: http://www.ultratac.com/chanpin.asp?id=20

Efest IMR10440 is top dawg in the AAA class, hands down.
<—- pulls 3.1A for 800+ lumens, was making 1117 lumens before I changed the emitter to an XP-L HI.

Are you talking about this battery? http://www.amazon.com/Efest-10440-350mAh-Rechargeable-Battery/dp/B00HYM9GFC

I’ll have to try it. My next quest is finding an ultralight charger for these. George (creator of DQG) mentioned that he is designing one :wink:

Yep, I have like 12 of em, usually carry a couple of spares for the Texas Poker around my neck. Been wearing this custom Ti light for almost 3 years.

Cottonpicker’s chargers makes an 8 way USB charger that goes down to 50ma, will charge virtually any Li-ion cell with a top charge level of 780mA. Mine’s charging an Efest 10440 as I speak.

Here is all you need for the 10440, it can charge at .25 or .50 amps, they work great and are inexpensive;
Order the battery from mountain as well, fast delivery and great fellow member.

oops, here is the link for buying

And where did you order from? I cannot find a link to order on the site you listed.

Ultatac K18 output looks amazing— but unprotected sideswitch
on a pocket/keychain light sounds like accidental activation waiting to happen :frowning:

not a problem - The button is pretty rigid

The design is well thought out

I see a strobe mode listed- is it hidden or in the normal mode cycle? And how cheap was shipping? 360 lumens is impressive from a factory light and the price good. I also like the sturdy keychain-attachment section- I’ve worn through a few thinner ones.

I’ve inadvertantly activated lights and broken the switches of too many side-clickys bumping into things at work so they’re a no-go for me anymore. One-hand with a small twisty is a bit slow but I do it maybe 1 time in 3 with mine. Thanks for the update!


Probably too big or something, but have you looked at the BLF special edition 348? Looks really nice.

I use the ebay charging boards, I would think that if you added a resistor or possibly used a solar panel the current would be small enough to keep from charging 10440 too fast. They’re cheap, plug in to mini or micro usb (cell phone charger. ) I suppose they’re a bit of a crapshoot, though, you’d have to test

Not AAA, but very tiny:

thanks for sharing all your research and links
fwiw, LiIon is in a class by itself, not really fair to compare to “normal” aaa lights… but having choice is good
that Ultratac is max 110 lumen for 1 hour on “normal” batteries, the 360 lumen spec is for 20 minutes

thanks for posting pictures and follow up info… great thread!

The BLF 348 is a very nicely made light. Very simple. Clean lines. The machining is so precise you can’t see where the head meets the body without a magnifying glass. When screwed together it just looks like a single piece of stainless. Output is very good on a standard alkaline and the Nichia emitter is a really nice warmish-neutral tint. My only complaint is that it is just one mode. As it is I’m happy I bought it but if it had 3 modes (Moon-Med-High) I would order a dozen more. It’s really a pretty thing but it doesn’t get carried all that often because I need more than one mode for my pocket light. Oh and it will run on a 10440 but it gets too hot too fast IMHO. Not ridiculously so but enough that I’ll stick to alkaline or maybe NiMH. That reminds me. I haven’t tried an Enloop in it yet…

fwiw, I have the Thrunite Titanium also, I dont like to use it because the threads are so gritty, but it is my brightest aaa. I prefer to use my Copper Maratac, the threads are much better, and its pretty bright too.

I like bright little Cool White AAA lights, even though they are low CRI, part of the time. Other times I prefer High CRI Neutral White Nichia 219 LEDs. And I have a love of Copper, though its heavy, I like that its Oligodynamic.

possible AAA winners (not LiIon)
brightest claimed lumens, Surefire, 300
High CRI (N219): Prometheus Beta, Eagletac D25aaa, L3 Illumination L08
Lowest Weight: Olight i3s
Copper: Maratac

brightest claimed lumens: suggest?
High CRI (N219): Copper Lumintop Tool
copper: Lumintop Tool

Group Buy N219 Copper Tool, High CRI:


Retail Copper Tool, High CRI


Copper twisty with XPG2 and No PWM, 138 lumens

the pictures are clickable links to more info, Im not selling, just sharing

Is that a flashlight glowing in your pocket or are you happy to see me? :zipper_mouth_face:

In the pitch blackness of night, up in the Colorado mountains… I wouldn’t be found dead and frozen with just a single AAA format light on me. Especially if I thought to use it to blind an attacker.

Fumbling with a keychain light in a dire emergency is not likely to save your butt. Ultralight or not (I get it, ounces count) I would have a second, larger light strapped to my chest somewhere powered by a high mAh 18650 with an extra cell for each light I carried.

All you need to do is slip and fall a bit, and it wouldn’t be unimaginable that your keys go flying down the cliff face, get lost in a river, or the light gets damaged in such a way as to be unusable. Now you have nothing.

I’d forgo wearing PANTS to reallocate the weight in order to carry a larger, more practical light. (facetious, of course).

Just something to consider. Best of luck to you.

Some Scotsmen seem to do OK without pants :stuck_out_tongue:

GuitarTuner knows what he is doing and that is what he chooses to do- I respect that choice even though it worries me too. To his credit he has done some heavy research into this kind of light and shared that with us, and since I’m also a huge fan of “AAA format” lights I appreciate that personally and I wish him well.

The BLF 348 is a winner in it’s own right; well-made, quite bright, a great emitter and color tint, and so far it seems very durable. But it isn’t the absolute brightest in it’s class nor was it meant to be, which is what this thread is about.


K18 review

The light has mode memory
The light uses PWM (deal breaker, saved me money)
there is a very small buzzing sound on Med
It will not tail stand
accidental pocket activation possible
LiIon compatible
Low CRI Cool White

My current first pick AAA is the Copper Maratac, with a lego swap head from a Copper Tool to get N219, if you like MLH modes like I do. Or if you like LMH mode sequence, the ReyLight group buy Copper Tool with N219

here are my current favorite AAA lights

My Klarus Mi10 AAA twisty is on a rubber neck lanyard and makes for a great
ultralight carry.