"Accidental" Dedomed XM-L2 U2-1B from a Convoy S2

Was replacing the springs in my 105c and 105d drivers with the "Carobronze" springs from FT and the brass pills became pretty hot since the springs themselves can't be soldered to; Had to dip them in a pool of solder on the contact pad.

Flipped over and lightly poked the domes with some tweezers, and they just fell right off...I was just trying to replace some springs! :P

L is domed U2-1B on a Convoy C8, C and R are dedomed U2-1Bs on S2s. The white balance settings on my camera are hit and miss with the true color rendition of the tint shift, but the center one viewed in person is warmer while the right one became more of an ice cold white. The new tints aren't atrocious despite being "accidental".

full res link in pic

I ran the solo beamshots through a palette analyzer. Unfortunately the left is leaning towards the greener shade and the right one is way in the green, but is in the gray color zone, Still not atrocious, at least for me :).

warm and ice cold respectively

Pictures of the aftermath

"Macro" shot of the successful accident. Camera only has software macro zoom and its pretty rubbish, even in good lighting.

I was cleaning off some refuse from the other emitter with heat and tweezers and a real accident happened. Plopped went one of the bond wires :( In to the bin in it went.

Can see on the left side of the die there is a small chip in the phosphor, maybe if that wasn't there I'd have a good tint :puzzled:

Rescued a U2-1B from a ZeusRay to put into my other S2, both using the exact same 16mm Al MCPCB. Ceiling beamshot; w/ 8*7135 105c/d with stock lens and OP reflector.

(L) Domed || (R) Accidental Hot-Dedomed

palette analyzer?

I used one since I was not sure whether or not my dedome was leaning towards a green tint shift from a suspected phosphor removal. YMMV though depending on camera white balance settings. I took like 15 shots before I picked that one since it was a good representation of seeing the beam in person.

I can think of a few female friends i would keep this away from, unless i want to relive marshmellow whip, soaring sky or tapestry beige

hahahaha :beer:

That soaring sky ray king ;)

Some tints you just never want to de-dome ..