AccuEvolution AA Battery test ....

What a week - Everything I was waiting on has arrived , its been like Christmas the last two days :

Apparently LSD , and a 2200mAh capacity claim . So far I have only discharged them @ 500mAh from the packet ... To see how much charge remained ... [ with Powerex charger ]

Cell 1. 1584mAh - 1934mAh - 1st discharge @ 1A

Cell 2. 1645mAh - 1962mAh

Cell 3. 1595mAh - 1935mAh

Cell 4. 1647mAh - 1975mAh

I will charge overnight at 400mAh , and then tomorrow do a 1A discharge

OK got up about 6am to check on them , and set the charger to discharge at 1A , I will discharge one more time @ 1A after charging @ 500mA