ACEBEAM BK10 LED Bike Light with Rectangular Spot beam

Power and portability are the name of the game when it comes to the Acebeam BK10, a powerful LED bike light. This light mounts securely to the handlebars of any standard bicycle and provides an intense 2000 Lumens of bright illumination for rides in low light or late night conditions. Utilizing a powerful CREE LED and an integrated optical PMMA lens, the beam of this light can reach nearly 950 feet, and with multiple modes can be dialed back to suit your conditions. A single button interface will keep you from fumbling around with multiple buttons, keeping your focus on the road or trail. Additionally, the rectangular beam spot is specifically designed to light up the area ahead of you without blinding pedestrians or oncoming traffic.


Optical PMMA lens
Rectangular beam spot
Aircraft grade aluminum construction
Premium type III hard anodized anti-abrasive finish
Strobe and SOS modes for emergency use
Streamlined, aerodynamic design
Compact size for easy carry or storage
Micro USB rechargeable
Single switch operation

More features, please view BK10 Bike Light |AceBeam® Official Store | Flashlights, Tactical Lights

Not to sound overly critical, but if you’re mounting any light to your helmet, that will basically negate any attempt at a beam cutoff. There are already people on the shared use bike paths and roads mounting lights to their helmets. Those lights are dibilatating. I would not want even 1000 lumens shining into my eyes while riding my bike. Also is this light STVZO compliant? That is a real standard, German, that specifically addresses glare mitigation for on road bike lights.

Being a boost driver does that mean pwm or constant current?

If it’s constant current my interest is piqued.

Is the battery easily removable?

I like the design!!! but probably I won’t like the price, how much?

Edit, $ 137.90

it has a tail cap, so yes

Yes, easily removable.

Yes, constant current.

Has anybody here tried this light? Impressions?
I’m wondering if it can be modded easily.


Refloating post.

I currently have one of the new Garmin mounts with a Quarter-Turn “male” on the bottom part, and one of these quarter-turn to go-pro style 3 prongs friction flange mount
(Garmin Quarter-turn to Friction Flange Mount Adapter) currently attached to a go-pro style 2 prongs mount for a regular flashlight.

Is the optic of your flashlight symmetric? Could I use it inverted? Otherwise, could the optic be taken apart and reversed?

Do you have a remote control for the handlebar?

Thank you.

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