Acebeam EC50 Gen III

anyone got one ?

i have the imalent DN70 but the on off buttons are impossible to find in the dark

I have the Gen II with the XHP70 and OP reflector. Personally, I’d be concerned about the tint shift on the 70.2 especially with a smooth reflector. You might end up with a big yellow ring in your beam

thanks Rob

If I may add……I had the EC 50 Gen II as well. Excellent light. I only sold it because it didn’t get used enough. In my experience, the switch was so smooth I had a hard time finding it in the dark myself. Not impossible…but I would end up spinning the light more than once to either feel the switch on top…or for my fingers to feel the rubber USB cover on the opposite side (and hence know that the switch was on the opposite side). That’s just my experience….had I used it a LOT more, I may have gotten used to it and known it’s “feel” better. The switch is quite large, but again for me, it kind of blended in with the contours of the light a little too well. Other than that, GREAT LIGHT!

thank you , i ordered one cause i have the imalent dn70 and THAT on off switch is impossible to find in the dark , same as my dx80

i had the acebeam x80 and that on off switch was soooo easy to find it looked to me like the EC 50 had the same type of switch but on closer inspection it looks recessed ?

ill update tomorrow when i ( hopefully ) get it delivered

got it , its the 6000k version with a 5000mah battery

found a software bug , to get to firefly you have to hold the button for 2 seconds but acc to the manual you hold the button down to cycle from FF > low > med > high

I have a trick I learned with an old headlamp that had too-smooth buttons.

I picked up a tube of glow-in-the-dark paint from a local Dollar Store. It’s that rubbery stuff teenage girls often use to decorate T-shirts.

I put a little bump of it on the buttons, let it dry overnight, and added another drop until it felt about right. The result is a very tactile, slightly raised rubbery switch that glows softly for an hour is so after the light is off. So far (on a few lights) it’s been quite durable.

The stuff is sold in a variety of colours.