Acebeam has an XHP-35 HI Thrower

I have no details yet, but sounds and looks promising.

Interesting, to get 2500 lumen out of a single XHP35 you would need to seriously over drive it. Highest bin XHP35-hi driven at the maximum rated current (1050ma) is about 1382 lumen.

Nice, but I don’t trust that charging setup

1300M, 2500LM? :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Somewhere I read it will sell for around $214 USD

Yikes. Even if the lumens are somewhat off, it should be quite a searchlight.

Why are you worried about the charging setup? It charges in parallel.

Read the X60 and k50 thread charging issues from flashpilot

The charging issue has been solved!

No, the charging problems still have not been resolved. You are welcome to dig through all the supbeam threads and read the results from others. There was an an unsuccessful attempt in redesigning the carriers and some power supplies to correct the imbalanced charging issues, but they still didnt work properly in many lights.

Even worse it that acebeam ignored the cries of help from many others and denied that the problem even existed. The ONLY reason they built the replacement carriers is becasue a global import ban on their products would have been enforced. Yes, it came down to that. The charging system was only part of the problem. There are many foolishly conceived inherit design flaws. All of which have been extensively detailed in the ace/supbeam threads. Bella also begged the admin to delete all negative posts concerning the crappy performance and design flaws of their products, but her refused.

MY ADVICE: AVOID THIS SHADY INCOMPETENT MANUFACTURER! Even their free samples will disappoint you.

Wow. Another brazen budget attempt at marketing an inferior product, I guess.

Maybe a triple setup?

Mine is only making 2118 lumens out the front with the cells probably down a little. Single XHP-35 in a MaxToch SN50 with 4 18500 cells. Potential is there for anyone wanting to exploit it.

What current are you driving the XHP-35 with?

A triple setup should give you way more than 2500 lumen, plus it wouldn’t have the kind of throw they are quoting. For that kind of throw it pretty much has to be a single LED with a deep reflector.

I used Neven’s LD-2 driver, he coached me on what changes to make to it to run the 4 series 18500’s and if I remember right it’s just over 3A.

Edit: That’s LED4POWER on here, I hope I got his name right, that just came to me and I’m very often wrong.

Edit II: I looked up the conversations telling me how to set up the LD-2 and I quoted 2.39A when I got it running. I’m using 4 of the Sanyo 18500 lap pulls and it works ok, there had been some problems with the OPAmp going up in smoke with 4 cells of the high discharge variety. I got better OPAmps but haven’t replaced them as I epoxied in the driver when I built it.

Impressive, still well over 2x the official maximum current for the XHP-35!

DB Custom, the Nextorch SN50 looks like a Trustfire X7 clone, which has proven to be a great 4 x 18650 host when ordered with an optional extension tube for the XHP-35 HI. Check the mod builds under my X7 review.

I think 2.5A is said to be the sweet spot for the XHP35, so it sounds like you nailed it. Besides the LD-2 adapted for this emitter (and some of the larger and more expensive taskled drivers that are too large), is there another 2.5A buck alternative that will fit?

Here’s some info from HKE and a price: here

422Kcd at 1 meter

Well, I gues that 2100 Lumen and 422Kcd would make this a nice allrounder with some throw capability, but to call this a true thrower…….?

To get the max throw you also need to put out 2100 Lumens, which can be quite blinding in the dark.
I had that experience with my BTU Shocker (approx. 3000 Lumen & 375Kcd).
Sure, at first glance it looks very impressive, but you soon realize that all that light output has its drawbacks as well.

Anyway, why not but a much cheaper Fenix TK61, put a XP-L V3 HI in and tweak the driver a little?
I got 455Kcd and an estimated 1200 lumens.
Even with the Led swap only youy should get around 350Kcd.

Now that is a nice thrower, with good allround capability and a decent size hotspot.
And with four 18650’s is has nice endurance too.