Acebeam K65 GT & Klarus G35 battery compatibility

Hi, everyone! First post here! English isn’t my native language, so, there are a possibilities for some errors. :smiley:

Anyway, here is the thing. I have Klarus G35 flashlight. Love it. With these batteries ( size is aprx. height ~68 mm, width ~18,5 mm )

Of course, there are some differences in 18650 battery sizes. Like this one ( this battery is around 1.5 mm longer )

Now, i’m trying to buy new Acebeam K65GT, not much bigger than Klarus G35, but much stronger one. Original Acebeam 18650 battery for K65GT are “only” 3100 mAH.

According to specs, size is :
69 x 18mm

Around the same size like Klarus’s battery which i have.

So, question, especially for those which have maybe Acebeam K65GT or maybe they’ve tested it, does Klarus 18GT-36 battery ( which i have in my G35 ) fits in new Acebeam K65GT and, if it really fits, does bigger mAh has some impact on K65GT longevity? You know, 3600 mAh is better than 3100 mAh. :smiley:

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I hope you receive the correct answer from the knowledgeable persons about your battery question.

I am so excited about the Acebeam X 65 gt that I posted a reply for you asking what you know about it, when I realized that you are posting about the Acebeam K 65 gt. I had to edit out the contents of my post. So I will say welcome to BLF and please select your batteries carefully!

Ok, I checked on a website of a person who knows a lot about this kind of thing.

For the K65 gt, he recommends:

"VTC5D = Best Performance
LG 3500mAh = Best Runtime"

The problem with some high capacity protected cells is that they’re not designed for high drain so the PCB is set to trigger at ~5-6A. The cell can handle 10A, but the manufacturer sometimes chooses to give it a low current protection rating because the light it is intended to use with doesn’t draw a ton of current.

I can’t comment on whether it fits or not, but I can assure you with a SBT90.2 light you won’t see any practical difference with 3,600mAh vs 3,100mAh. Unless you plan to run it on low settings all the time.

Can you elaborate “best performance” and “best runtime”?

Just did some google search. VTC is a Sony battery. Both of them don’t have protected cell. And they are much cheaper.

If that person mentioned these batteries for K65 GT, that means Klarus batteries also fits in K65 GT??? Also, these batteries you’ve mentioned, they are around 3.5 mm shorter. So, these two batteries really also fits in Acebeam K65 GT even if they are 3.5 mm shorter?

I presume that you figure it out why i’ve opened these thread is that i want to know those Klarus batteries will fit in new Acebeam K65GT. If it does fit, just need to buy 1 more Klarus battery and i will just swap it from one flashlight to another.

But member above mentioned batteries which are without PCB. Up to 25A. Are batteries without PCB safe because possibility of overcharging?

I am replying here to your private message.

Higher capacity batteries have longer runtime, but in general have lower peak discharge.

Lower capacity batteries have less runtime, but in general have higher peak discharge for higher short burst performance.

The vtc and lg batteries that were recommended are for a modified k65gt rather than the stock model.