ACEBEAM K65 Super Brightness Multipurpose Searchlight

Acebeam K65 - a new powerful hand flashlight, which is an improved version of the most popular flashlight K60. K65 adopts the Cree XHP70.2 de-moed LED, which allowed to increase the brightness of the light flux to 6200 lumens, also maximizes the output potential of the Cree XHP70.2 de-domed bulb with a peak beam intensity of 257000cd. In addition, K65 is distinguished by the increased luminous flux, which helps the beam distance up to 1014 meters. The rubberized pressure switch makes the operation much easier to cycling from all brightness levels. K65 is impressed by a thoughtful design and a high quality construction. The special surface structure makes the lamp firmly and securely in hand. K65 is an unmissable light when outdoor activities.

1*Cree XHP70.2 LED De-Domed
Turbo brightness output 6200 lumens
Ultra-long range beam distance 1014 meters
Powered by 4* 18650 batteries
Waterproof IPX-8 (2m Submersible)
Sizemm:190(length)*90(head dia)*53(tube dia)
Weight: 660g (23.3oz) without battery
The standard tripod socket meets various lighting demands when camping and photographing outside.

Can you share how do you dedome the led? Is it a pure chemical dedome (Which chemical?) or did you just shave the dome off the XHP70.2???

Is the K65 available now? Or is it soon to be available?

Available soon !!

Why don’t you make available a NW 5000k version? Most of the people love NW and you continue with CW. NW has a little less output? It doesn’t matter! NW lovers will stay with the Acebeam TN40 NW that has about same output and even more throw.
My compliments for the nice design. Unfortunately the TN40 is quite ugly IMO.

The survey showed that people who love NW are much, much more than people who love CW. Probably a K65 NW would not reach 1 Km, and this is a problem for sales! :wink:

I am very disappointed by the tint of this 200€ light

Compared to left Nichia 5000K MF01 first batch purest NW I have ever seen, on the right Niwalker thrower with 5000k XHP35 HI
all MF01and K65 on 2. brightest level, XHP35 HI on Turbo

on Turbo compared to Convoy L6 TA driver with XHP70.2 P2-1C which has a light green corona

XHP70.2 always gives a horrible green-yellowish tint in the neutral white version. If you wish NW consider only flashlights with 5000k XHP35 HI.