Acebeam K70 & K50 V3

New flashlights from Acebeam! :open_mouth:
I like the K70 design more :slight_smile:
Acebeam K70

Acebeam K50 V3
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Can’t wait to hear more details on these.

Where does it end. :quest:

i hope there will be a way to get around acebeams “MAP”

Count me in...who do I make the check out to?........

if you want to buy acebeam flashlight or battery for a better price: just PM me - i will try to save you money!

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I know what it is can, sometimes it is not fair.

But, but I though MAP was cherished here… :bigsmile:

Here it comes again, yesterday my Nitecore tm16 gt arrived and I am very happy with it. But, will the K70 out throw the Nitecore?

subscribed !!!

That K70 is looking so good to replace my old TN-31!!! 8)

I wonder what is the suggested retail price when available and how good of a deal could I be able to get…

Hey “The”, Can I send you a friend request too? Please!!! :wink: :beer:

I have been told K50v3 will be $199. K70 price not published yet.

Deal prices are not to be discussed in public. PM me if interested.

Friend request accepted. ;)

I’m liking the K50V3 better, a smooth and classic look. The scalloped untapered finning on the K70 looks too ‘busy’ for me. But it’s all just dreams for me; I won’t spend that much on a flashlight. Oh, the joys of being the poor and thrifty type!


HKequipment is selling K50 V3 !!!

While we wait to get more info on the K70, here is a comparison pic I made against the K60

It Seems that they made some small changes in the design, I specially like the change in the mode selector ring, I think it will be easier to turn with one hand now, do you spot any more design differences? I marked a few.

Hey Folks,

i really like the design of the K70. It looks absolutely great. The K60 is already an awesome light but i like more throw so i must be the K70. :wink: I really hope for more specs soon.


the link at k50v3 is wrong. it goes to k70.

Will the K70 have in-built charging? K50v3 does.

Basically they would be, but I'd suggest using only protected cells in multi-cell flashlights.

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Do I spot any differences?

Sure, for starters the new K70 looks a lot like a big Nitecore Light, say the TM36.
In fact - and for me - it looks to much like a Nitecore. I like the “older” look of the K50 much better, much smoother design.

Beside that, a thrower with over 2000 ANSI lumen? That will blind the crap out of you in a dark night……. help

I like the innovation of Acebeam though, using the latest Crees in their newest high end lights.

Speeking of which, Acebeam states that the K70 uses the XHP35 and the K50 V3 the XHP35 HI, but both lamps are stated to have 1300 meters throw and around 2500 lumen…….if that is true, the only explanation can be that the new K70 has a MUCH bigger reflector then the K50V3. From then pictures however, I cannot deduct that.

So, what is it? is the K70 much bigger or does it have a XHP35 HI as well? :question: