Acebeam L18: Review & Beamshots (& vs. Eagtac S25V)
I was a bit hard on the light, especially at first, but it’s because I hold this to a higher standard. Great thrower.

I just can’t get on board with tier lenses. And Acebeam needs to get their act together by having batteries that perform to spec!

I have the L18 and L19. The throw is awesome for both, but they never met the lumen output specs from Acebeam. My verdict is that they’re great lights, but for the money and if you don’t care about tactical stuff, the K1 is a better light- on board charging, Andruil, and a more useful beam.

What did you get for lumen output?

For the L18 I got 1294 at turn on and only 1051 at 30 seconds. Acebeam specs 1500 lumens. I just tested the L19 and it did better, but stil way under Acebeam 1650 lumen figure. I think light is being lost in the optic since the led is being driven hard enough to be brighter. L18 and L19 draws almost 9 amps.

Mine must be slightly overdriven then. It appears brighter than my L21A.

The L18 is driven pretty hard. 9 A is probably closer to the actual figure, which is about as hard as you want to drive the CSLPM1. The head on the L18 during a runtime test got over 70 C so it’s cooking. They fixed that in the L19, though, which is a much improved light in my opinion.