Acebeam M50 Rechargeable Keychain Light

The Acebeam M50 is an Micro-USB rechargeable aluminum keychain light that is available with three different LEDs (SAMSUNG LH351D / OSRAM KW CSLNM1.TG / NICHIA 219C). The Samsung LH351D LED provides 200 lumens for super bright with such a small and compact size of the M50. The OSRAM LED produces a beam that throws further for those looking for a beam that can cover more distance.The Nichia 219C LED option which provides a 90+ CRI rating for true-to-life color rendering perfect for those accustomed to warmer beams or are looking for a beam that won’t wash out any color especially for critical electrical, mechanical, or medical work. Acebeam M50 only requires you to twist the light to access either the low or high modes. Fully tighten the lens to get high mode or simply loosen slightly for low mode. With the micro-USB recharging, the light will be full charged within 1 hour !

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Looks great.
What color temperature and CRI offers LH351D?

looks like a cute light.

I always find it funny when the head-on image shows a crenelated bezel and none of the others do.

It also has (apparently) a side switch in that same image :smiley:

Miracles do happen all the time :innocent:

1*SAMSUNG LH351D 6500K

I’m wondering if the photographer was supposed to put the o-ring in the empty o-ring slot.
Waiting for one of these lights to come along with low voltage protection for gifts. “Battery charging is needed when the brightness is dimmer” tells me this is not the one.
I guess that’s a lot to stuff into this small of a light.

I feel that the 10180 market really deserves more attention than it receives and so I welcome this new light.
I have some questions…

  • What is the UI?
  • Is the TIR replaceable?
  • Is the cell replaceable?
  • Have you considered CRI90 LH351D variant?

my local dealer had this already in stock i placed and order for 1x LH351D version… can update once i get it whats its like.

I was going to buy it until I saw that it uses micro-usb, at the end of 2019, even using micro-usb?

Why aluminium instead of copper?

it’s 10150 :frowning:

Wait, they made a new cell size for this light? The 10180 would have been better. :person_facepalming:

However, I’m very excited about the availability of these emitter choices in a tiny TIR keychain light, especially the OSRAM KW CSLNM1.TG, which should (hopefully) produce a surprising amount of throw for such a small light. EDIT: The official spec is 1300cd.

I might have to get one. Is there a discount code available? Or where should we buy to get the best price? :money_mouth_face: