ACEBEAM New X75 80,000Lumens Brightest PD Power Bank Flashlight

Update: 2022/12/8

MUO Best Tech of 2022 Awards! ACEBEAM is proud to announce that The MUO has awarded us the Best Flashlight 2022 last week. Our brand new X75 was the light to earn top honors.

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The new extra-large capacity battery pack is fully prepared for search and rescue, specially designed for high power flashlight X75.This battery pack is made of 8 pieces 21700 Li-ion rechargeable batteries with high capacity and performance, safety features.

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Updated: 2022/11/8

Acebeam X75-The world’s brightest 80000-lumen PD power bank LED flashlight VS W50-The world’s professional longest throw LEP flashlight that features almost 4 kilometers. (Laser Excited Phosphor).
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“This is the best high-power flashlight I’ve ever used, with almost 80,000 lumens of output, and a sustained 20,000 lumens with a high-efficiency driver and advanced cooling system. Though it’s pricey at $400, the Acebeam X75 represents excellent value for its performance and build quality - if you want to the best super flashlight, this is it!” commented by LuxWad
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“I’m particularly impressed with the Acebeam X75’s build quality, power bank mode, and size. This X75 flashlight is more practical, much more waterproof (submersible to 1.5m), 600 grams lighter and $270 cheaper….” Commented by Wellrigged

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Updated 2022/10/24

Can we use Flashlights for Filmmaking and Photography?
“The X75 in additional to ACEBEAM’s strongest light,X50 CRI flashlights also can be used perfectly for Filmmaking & Photography because of their Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 95.” From Filmmaker—Christian Mate Grab

Updated 2022/8/27

ACEBEAM X75 Limited Edition Off-White Micro-arc Oxidation (Available on 15th Sep)

The X75 High Performance Outdoor Flashlight achieves IP68 waterproof rating, can resist 1 meters impact, is rugged and durable, can meet different needs of lighting situations, and is your outdoor lighting reliable partner.

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New Announcement: The Acebeam X75 is Brightest Power Bank flashlight in its class ( built-in 4 x 21700) , and the flagship flashlight of the Acebeam X series. Also the new X75 is the world’s first USB PD flashlight with supporting 100W rechargeable system which saves you more time. After more than 1 year of development, our innovative development team has worked tirelessly to optimise the efficiency of the circuit up to 98% in order to produce as much light as possible.The X75 is a rechargeable searching LED flashlight with delivering astonishing 80,000 max lumens, a wide beam angle momentary Turbo and strobe function are quite ideal for security, law enforcement,search and rescue.

Lighting up a park!!


1) 80,000 lumens max output.
2) USB Type-C PD60W fast charging (Standard); 1.5 hours for full charging. Also can compatible PD100W fast charging(Max); 1 hour for full charging.
3) Built-in dual intelligent temperature regulation systems.
4) Intelligent cooling fan and Intelligent thermal control module.
5) Detachable, maintainable and waterproof cooling fan(IP68).
6) Can set the Windy mode or Non-wind mode.
7) Up to 98% high efficient constant current circuit.
8) Momentary Turbo activation rapidly responds to emergency situations.
9) Pure copper heat dissipation piece for high efficient heat dissipation.
10) Color-changing silicone sleeve monitors the temperature of the flashlight and protects for anti-impact.
11) Patented mechanical safe lock - No accidental activation.
12) IP68 standard waterproof.

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This new X75 is the built-in battery pack (4 x 21700 ) brightest LED searchlight, features 12 CREE LEDs, and along with a wide reflector it produces an unprecedented 80,000 Lumens!
The X75 High Power flashlight utilizes boost circuit; innovative intelligent cooling fan for efficient heat dissipation, scientific cooling air duct design, detachable and maintainable cooling fan, and Type-C PD60~100W charging/discharging function - a truly uncompromising solution for the demanding professional user.
This tremendous power is focused through that reflector and can reach distances of up to 1150 meters (3773 feet), perfect for long range spotting as well as intense search and rescue operations.

Intelligent cooling fan and Intelligent thermal control module

What is the throw/candela?

What in the world…Can I have a 90% discount :smiley:

Is there going to be a HI version?

I hope you could release a flashlight of a similar form factor that is designed to perform in real world scenarios instead of achieving absurd lumen claims. Above 10,000 lumens or so, the effectivity of the beam only gets worse the higher you go due the light scattering and bouncing back.

At maximum output one would need to wear sunglasses to operate the flashlight.

The light looks nice. Which emitter? The XHP70.2 or XHP70.3 or XHP70.3 HI and what cct?

70.2 6500K with 5000K coming soon.

Personally I think it is a light with many shadows starting from the Fandle handle that is absolutely useless, produces a cooling close to zero and I say this as the owner of a Manker MK38, the only usefulness is not to burn your fingers, beyond this we want to talk about the lumens declared? It is not possible to have 80000 lumens from 12 xhp70.2 with that battery configuration and I speak as an owner of Imalent MS12 mini who has 60,000 real ones with the same battery configuration, also I believe that by now customers are fed up with these series flashlights: "firepower is never enough ..." much better a hybrid like Imalent MR90 that combines Flood and Throw for superior usability but above all with a better cooling and runtime, this time Acebeam could dare something more in innovation instead they preferred to focus on the large numbers of the 80,000 lumens declared following marketing rather than technology. Very disappointed with this product if it is true that they have been working on it for more than 1 year, they could have used their time better IMO.

Why not 70.3 HI Hi CRI? Missed opportunity.

Good job Acebeam! Very interested in test results! :sunglasses:


Personalmente penso sia una luce con molte ombre a partire dal manico Fandle che è assolutamente inutile, produce un raffreddamento vicino allo zero e lo dico da possessore di un Manker MK38, l'unica utilità è non scottarsi le dita, al di là di questo vogliamo parlare dei lumen dichiarati? Non è possibile avere 80000 lumen da 12 xhp70.2 con quella configurazione batteria e parlo da possessore di Imalent MS12 mini che ne ha 60.000 reali con la stessa configurazione batteria, inoltre credo che ormai i clienti siano stufi di queste torce di serie: "la potenza di fuoco non basta mai..." molto meglio un ibrido come Imalent MR90 che combina Flood e Throw per una fruibilità superiore ma soprattutto con un raffreddamento e una autonomia migliori, questa volta Acebeam ha potuto osare qualcosa in più nell'innovazione invece ha preferito puntare sui grandi numeri degli 80.000 lumen dichiarati a seguito del marketing piuttosto che della tecnologia. Molto deluso da questo prodotto, se è vero che ci hanno lavorato per più di 1 anno, avrebbero potuto usare meglio il loro tempo IMO.

Since I am not a person who criticizes without proposing something constructive and I love you because I have several of your flashlights or K75, X65 mini, X70, X80GT etc., I want to suggest a new product with a very competitive cost and that could have many admirers. , take the head of an X65 mini replace the LEDs with Luminus SFT40 and update the battery pack with 3x 21700 and maybe even add a usb-c recharge even if it may not even be necessary and you will get a flashlight with at least 12500 real lumens and a throw of at least 1800 meters which will outperform almost all medium launchers with SBT90.2 and in addition you will get a very good runtime because the SFT40 is less thirsty than energy and heats much less than an SBT90.2


Never had and never wanted a flashlight with propriety battery pack. What’s that cost $150 to $200 to replace it? 80,000 lumens for what 10 or 20 seconds?

I’ll stick to a few of my lights that can sustain about 10,000 lumens until my hand tells me otherwise!

Excellent for users who don’t want to fuss with buying individual cells though. No different to buying most mobile phones these days with a built-in battery.

Sorry readers, this discussion went a bit sideways from here on. I should have just stopped responding. Plain and simple, some people don’t mind a propriety battery pack and some people hate them, like Raccoon City…lol

That's great for you, Funtastic.

Buy every flashlight with a proprietary battery that you can find.

As for me, I'm not touching any of them with a ten foot pole if I can help it, except for maybe keychain flashlights.

They're extremely expensive to replace.

They do make flashlight companies a boatload of money, though.

Oh, and my cell phone has a very inexpensive battery, thank you very much.

I'll be avoiding cell phones with extremely expensive batteries as well.

I'll try to spend my money wisely.

You can waste your money all that you want.

(And I thought the recent Beavis and Butt-head movie was really stupid.)

Never did I say I was a fan of a propriety pack. i simply said that they're great for some users....I know for a lot of people who aren't enthusiasts, they'd be more interested where they don't have to worry, just buy another pack and they're away.

Same with anyone who has a drone, you can't just go get any battery and chuck it in. My DJI drone costs me roughly $300 nzd for a battery and I'm happy with that, it's just one of those things...

It isn’t the battery that’s often expensive, it’s the labor.

Everything is heading to electric powered, soon you won’t be able to avoid buying a car that doesn’t use a propriety pack lol

I replaced my cell phone battery all by myself.

Total labor cost: $0

I swear, defending proprietary batteries on budgetlightforum doesn't make any sense.

Wow mate, can we keep this friendly? No need to start calling me stupid. You should well and truly know the rules of this forum by now…

Dude, you're defending proprietary batteries on budgetlightforum (and this isn't your first time doing that.)

Don't you see the paradox there?

And I didn't call you stupid.

I was talking about your actions.

There is a big difference.

Have a good night mate. It’s a forum, we all have an opinion…sucks to think that someone gets attacked for sharing one that another doesn’t agree with