ACEBEAM Pokelit AA Cu Flashlight Review - For Copper Fans

Kindly take note.

So the copper version has no mode memory and a 519A instead of a 219F. Seems like Acebeam knew what they were doing. Put the better emitter and flashlight nerd UI in the more expensive version. I probably would have bought one during the black friday sale if I knew the UI and emitter were different from the standard one, I guess I never looked closely.

Not bad at all, would be nicer without all the engraved text though, brings nothing to the table but does detract from the looks. A bit on the large size for an AA though?

I forgot how well produced your videos are, freeme….very nicely done! I missed your FWAA when you did it so I watched that as well.

Is the switch on this one the same as on the Olight i5r? On a whim I picked up the blue aluminum i5r with the 2.4v cell, mostly so I can disassemble said cell to see what’s going on…interesting approach they’ve taken on with it. The emitter in the blue one appears to be some flavor of Osram domed, not a flat csp style…not bad, not excellent.

I have the regular version, not copper. Can’t say I like it much. The UI and switch take a lot of getting used to.

Thanks a lot!

Pokelit AA Cu vs i5R? Nope. IMO, Olight switch has slight edge (5-8%?) for tactile feedback. A mount of travel for each actuation is predictable and mode switch is spot on.

Thanks for the review Freeme.
I’ve seen several physical anti reverse polarity protection, the least effort was using ring foam.