Acebeam wants me to figure out how much the customs should be

I purchased the W30 from China and received a discount from acebeam directly and already paid my 210.90 to them via PayPal, now they want me to figure out how much the customs price would be. The problem is I have NO idea how that even works so I don’t know how the expect me as the consumer to figure this out. Haven’t they dealt with this before and already know what to do?

This is America dude, we don’t have import customs fees.

<$800 = $0 in customs for most commodities to the US.

Let’s say the value is $850, I’m curious how much it would be?

Flashlights were like 12.5, but might have gone up to 25, not sure, not imported any in a while. On top of the % fee you would have a brokerage fee of around $10.

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Just occurred to me the ironic trade war between our two countries may mean there is some tax or duty involved. I still doubt that though. May just be you’re experiencing some chinese hostility from Acebeam towards america…

I think you misunderstand the purpose of their question.

Chinese sellers are accustomed to buyers overseas asking them to ‘fudge’ the declared value to avoid fees. Maybe it is $100 flashlight and the buyer says “please declare value of $20.”

Acebeam are asking you for this purpose. They are trying to do you a favor, albeit an unnecessary one. Since USA does not have any import fees below $800, it doesn’t matter. Just tell them to put full price. Simple.

that. tell them to put full price. there won't be any import fees because the value is below 800US$.

Where can we find the discount for the W30 ?
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The majority of countries have import fees that start at $20-100. Singapore and Hong Kong, I believe generally is duty free. Australia used to be $1000 AUD, but I think they lowered it. But most of Europe its like 20 Euro’s or so IIRC. Canada even I think its like 20 CAD. The $800 limit in the US is very high. It seems pretty unfair that China charges the US import tax on maybe a $20 item, but in the US we have a $800 limit. That is one example of unfair trade policies.