Acebeam X40, does it have low voltage shut off

Apologies if this has already been discussed, but I could not find any reference to low voltage shut off in any reviews.
Here’s the story. I am going to gift an Acebeam X40 to a non flashaholic friend for Xmas.
I have chosen the X40 due to the user friendly charging system, which as you guys know means he wont need to handle the battery’s at all.
I’m aware of the battery indicator led on the tailcap but I fear he will not pay any attention to it.
Generally I use hi drain unprotected cells in all of my lights & currently need to purchase some more 18650’s any how
If the X40 has a low voltage shut off built in i’ll just add another 3 unprotected cells to my order. if not I’ll have to order some protected cells separately.
No biggy, just thought someone might know.

You are going to have to ask Acebeam about that one. The documentation that comes with the X40 suggests that it may have a low battery warning in operation. The LED on the tail will change from green to red. There is a comment in the owner documents that if the light starts flickering, it is time to change the batteries. While I own an X40, I have never run it long enough to find out, and given what quality Li-Ion cells cost, I am in no hurry to find out either.

Acebeam can be reached at according to their web site.

Thanks Guys