Acebeam x45 vs Haikelite MT09R

I don’t find any comparisons with these two. What reputation does Haikelite have?

I have been using the X45 nightly for three years, boost modded to 25,000 lumens, no problems. I don’t own any Haikelite lights, and I am an Acebeam fan.

The Haikelite MT09R triple XHP 70.2 looks like a very nice light.

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Thank you for the input. I also appreciate the welcome Rich.

I really like essentially everything from the Acebeam. The only thing I’ve heard was some people saying the led’s are way warmer than they are supposed to be. For instance, the 6500k is more like a 5000k and the 5000k is something below 4000k. Do you feel that that is your experience?

I was about to buy a 5000k and happened to read this moments before I pulled the trigger. So wonder now if everyone’s experience is a much warmer led than expected. I‘D hate to buy a 6500k and have turn out to actually be a true 6500k. Thanks again.

The MT09R comes in 2 flavors, one with ’35s and one with ’70s. The former is throwier but with half the lemons, and the latter is floodier with twice the lemons.

I got the one with the ’35s. Even at half the lemons of the ’70s, it’s “Holy Christ this is bright!!” when doing ceiling bounce. And it still throws like Hell with the smaller chips.

No x45 to compare with, so…

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Acebeam has a pretty good reputation for quality. Haikelite is known for cheaper lights. They also try new things, and sometimes make questionable design or execution choices. As far as I know the MT09 is relatively problem-free, though.

I don’t own either light to compare. I haven’t heard of Acebeam having warmer emitters than claimed - it would surprise me, given their premium price/reputation.

Thanks for the idea Nick, coming over here was a good suggestion.

Thanks Scallywag, I don’t personally know about Heikelite and had heard issues early with MT09R that kept me away. But like you, all I’ve read since the TA update was nothing but good things and quality corrections.

It’s a tough choice but it may come down to throw distance. I would prefer the longest thrower for sure but that info seems to be very scarce on the MT09R.

Well, now it is. :laughing:

There was that big hoo-ha with underachieving drivers ’til TA drivers became the norm.

Thanks for the input. It sounds like you’re pretty happy with it. I’m looking at the 25,000 lumen with the upgraded driver and I have yet to see anyone complain about it other than to say it only puts out 18,000lm instead of 25,000lm which I’m fine with anyway.

It’s a pretty tough choice but you’re def helping me with it so thank you.

This is what I’m starting to hear a lot, my concerns may be overblown then. It sounds like Heiklite didn’t want a repeat of issues and made sure the second version was not gonna subject their reputation to more damage. Thanks.

Don't have an Acebeam X45, but here is a sample beamshot video of the Haikelite MT09R (3x XHP70.2 "neutral-white")

Opposite building is approximately 120-150 meters (around 400 feet) distance from the flashlight position

for reference, here is how the scene looks like during daytime:

Acebeam X45.2

HaikeLite MT09R V2 3*XHP70.2

Wellp, one reason I picked the ’09R with ’35s, even though it’s only half the lemons, is because it was more of a thrower. I’ve got plenty of floody lights, and figured that for something that bright, something throwier would come in more handy.

Something that floody like the ’09R with ’70s, you saw from the beamshot video that it lights up things a lot, like an area-light. I couldn’t see the need for something like that that I would use. (Well, unless you wanted to have a late-night basketball game or something, then have at it.)

Even my Q8 and DC7, for lighting up the whole yard it’s great, and cranking it up just means everything’s lit more brightly. I don’t expect “reach” out to 100yrs or more, because it’ll be scattering more light off to the sides (and right in front of me, blinding me even from its spill).

Like when anyone asks me flashlight advice, my first question is “Whaddya gonna use it for?”. Right there it narrows down the candidates.

Now, my Q8s, I prefer the original BLF version over the Sofirn version and the Airpro DC7 because the original is floodier. As mentioned, it lets me light up the whole yard evenly, and brightly. That might be a good candidate for a ’09R with ’70s, but beyond those 5k lemons, it’s just making things <coff!> too bright.

This was very helpful. I was able to find a couple other lights in these specific test area that shed a bit more light for me on th 09r Thank you.

This was also very helpful. I had seen the 09r compared to the Acebeam X80 and an Imalent DX80 or something like that. Those were floodies but I wondered why the 09r was compared to those instead of the x45. I gotta say either way, I like that the spill is not so wide on the Haikelite, it likely has a further throw than the x45 based in these pictures. I also like the color a bit better on the 09r, they seem a bit more vibrant and variances in color are also more apparent. I can also see the tree’s behind the nursery which the X45 does not light up. Throw is pretty important to me in general but especially on this purchase. I just ended up pulling the trigger on the MT09R and now I’m feeling even better about the purchase. Now the waiting begins. Thank you again.

The only Heikelite distance specs I’ve been able to find was on the 09 with 35’s. That at those lumens (7500 I believe) was supposed to throw 1000+ meters. I assume the 15,000 lumen versions threw something like 600-700 meters. I’m hoping the 24,000lumen v.2 can throw somewhere around 800 meters with the spec bumps, I would be happy with that. The X45 throws about 600 I think so I like where the Haikelite seems to fall. Right between the X45 and the thrower 09r with 35’s which seems like my sweet spot.

I do wonder though what the throwier 09r v.2 with 35’s throws at. It may be something like 1400 meters or so. Also very tempting but I think I need the blend of throw and spill that the 24,000 lumens of the 09r V.2 would likely give. Thank you for the first hand input. Everyone really does seem pretty happy with their MT09R’s.

Mine gives 21K lumens at 24 amps with TA driver, springs bypassed with 20 ga wire thru the batteries and driver, and 30Q batteries.
And it will burn colored paper and it gets HOT FAST.





I still have a ways to go before I get the confidence to work on my lights and know that I won’t ruin them. I know it can’t be too too hard so I’ll get there. The stuff that’s possible is just too appealing. Thank you for sharing.

I recall the manufacturer-claimed specs for beam distance on the Haikelite MT09R (3x XHP70.2) is 600 meters and MT09R (3x XHP35Hi) is 1000 meters.
However, Haikelite tends to overstate their specs, so probably adjust the figures downward by 10-15% to get the more correct figures.