Acebeam X70-GT 90,000 Lumens - 8*18650 - Active fan cooling

saw this on facebook, insane 90,000 Lumens people!!! 18 x XHP 70.2 emitters just wow! its using still 8x18650 batteries tho…
MSRP Price 729$

It cant even do 60k lumens for 60 seconds on the original and now they want to bump it to 90k
Let’s see how fast we can drain the batteries i guess

They wanna smash the records clean……. don’t want Imalent to catch up.

But seriously, really time for them to use the 21700.

Not a new concept though.

So, what happens to those who shelled out big bucks very recently and bought the X70/MS12? :disappointed: :confounded:

I told myself to resist X70 until X70 NW. Now I tell myself to resist till X70GT NW. :stuck_out_tongue:

We will need to buy 2 extra batt packs…lol,

Thats more interesting than x70. Time to save money for this bad boy.

I agree from my experience…

I have a fenix tk72r with the triple xhp70.2… 11000 lumen light drains battery pretty quick on the turbo…

Nothing? Things change… In six months there will something else better…… This is life

smells a bit like wet paint ;)

At 90k lumens it will be using over 500W.
Most of that will turn into heat, so only a few seconds it will be able to run at 90k.

I got both…its the way of the world…new stuff comes out all the time.

Definitely a niche product. No doubt some will purchase as a toy; others may have a real need.

One thing, for sure, I wouldn't want to get strobed by this bad boy!

That is my problem with all of this lumen war going on right now. It is awesome to see competition, competition pushes innovation which is good. However with this huge lumen monsters they have to be near the limits of what 18650 is capable of on terms of output. Also this light reminds me of the X80 GT, huge lumen that last 29-30seconds.

I wish manufacturers would list max and sustained lumen output. AdventureSport did a great video comparing the Thrunite TN36 Limited vs X80GT and by far the X80GT won brightest however the TN36 was able to double lumen output sustained vs the X80GT.

This is all coming from a guy with the flashlights in the sig so I do like big lumen but 90k is wow lol

Can someone email acebeam to use 20700/21700 battery pack on the x70-gt. Thanks.

Yea I agree with Newlumen. Pointless for 18650 if it will be pushing 90k lumens

I need to give credit where it is due. The Imalent DX80 was the only flashlight in which the law enforcement (once by helicopter and once by patrol car) immediately paid attention and investigated with zeal every time I turned it on. I ended up cease using flashlights for nearly one year, and sold all my DX80’s entirely. I would call Imalent DX80 the Master of Disaster of flashlights. Crazy lumens matter. :beer:

If this sounds like the right super torch for you, I would recommend. :+1:

I heard acebeam doesnt make 20700 pack because of the regulation of shipping batteries. (
100wh ).

Well here is a solution for the acebeam. . build a 20700/21700 battery carrier !!

Oh shucks, if there is indeed a 100Wh limit, that means 12-cell batt packs is not ok.

How are we supposed to go over 100k lumens comfortably in the future then?

A) don’t ship cells with the light, buy them separately

B) increase LED efficiency

C) realize that you really don’t need 100k lumens