AceBeam X75 Review - 80,000 lumen monster!

Well, however I only ran it for ANSI style lumen tests—no long runtime tests. I would worry that the media inside the tube might melt under 10+ minutes of operation. The light puts out SERIOUS heat.

After looking at the title, I think the numbers are even better since the 5000k is supposed to get less than the 80k lumens.

Exactly. I felt my finding supports one heck of a light. I have never had a light with this kind of output. I asked Imalent to send me a 5000K MS12 Mini. It will be interesting to see how they compare. My testing might not be super accurate with the lumen tube I have, but it should at least be sufficient to show which is brighter or has better regulation.

Thanks for sharing!

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Have some guy compare the 70.2, vs the 70.3 Hi versions please?

The 70.3 version was just added. I can make predictions:

- it will be slightly less output (should be measurable on a lumen tube, but not very noticeable to the eye)

- It will be slightly throwier, because it has no domes

  • it only comes in 6500K, which for me is a bit too cool. I really prefer 5000K and lower.

Thank you Cheule.

The 70.3 HI is spec’d at only 150m more range, so I’m not sure it’s worth it.

I measured the range of this 5000K version at 931m, so it falls 218m short of their 6500K spec. No idea what the 6500K will achieve.

I only manage to get an average of 220Kcd for a 6500K.