AceBeam X75 Review - 80,000 lumen monster!

I’ve received the new AceBeam X75, and I find it a phenomenal light. I have previously owned the X50 (in both 70.2 and FC40) as well as the Manker MK38 Satellite. This light, for similar price, destroyed those other lights.

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No, it’s actually quite HOT! Lol, just kidding ChibiM!

Ah, so it was not 80 000 lumens OTF ? you mentioned it isn’t in the review. Indeed there isn’t any FL1 mention or chart in the product pages but a ”Max Output” mention, which could mean anything from marketers… no FL1 rating on the box either ?

As mentionned in the announcement thread, it’s not surprising it doesn’t reach them, it would require too much current for the cells.

Also, take my lumen tube numbers with a grain of salt. I mean, it’s a texas_Ace tube, and I’ve found it matches within 95% of lumens found on COAs from companies like Prometheus, but it’s definitely not authoritative enough to battle Acebeam’s numbers.

Also, I have the 5000K version.

Yeah there’s that, as for the CCT, it seems that both can be found with the same highest flux, though there is still probably a difference. Looking g at other acebeam products, they usually provides FL1 ratings, yet not with this one.

I see there is an XHP70.3 Hi version. Very cool! I just wish it didn’t have an integrated battery pack.

I hear you. But I gotta say that battery reset button I pointed out in the video solves the one major gripe I had. I’m not too worried about the actual life of the cells, because at least in my case I go through lights so fast. There is just no way I won’t have a replacement for this light within 2-3 years.

I can see the cool factor of 80k lumens. Is there any practical use case for a light like this? I mean, it’s about the same price as the MK38, so it seems like a no-brainer between the 2, but is there a real-life use case where 40k lumens won’t do, but 80k will?

There have been lots of times where I looked at my flashlight collection, and purposely grabbed a D18 or my MK38 because I knew that’s what the situation called for.

A light like this is all about flood, of course, and once I was illuminating the end of our cul de sac so that we could continue playing with our RC cars. The light was on a tripod.

Another time I was at the play set in our local playground, and there was no lighting. Sun went down, I set the MK38 on the ground about 30’ away and my kids kept playing.

Last time I recall grabbing it specifically, was when we lost our indoor cat. I grabbed it and went searching through the neighborhood. Sometimes you just want a lot of light everywhere at once.

Although it’s a flooder, I’d still be curious to know what kind of throw it’s capable of.

Thank you for your review Cheule, I found it most informative and interesting. I most certainly will read your coming reviews also!

It would be very nice to see a "thrower" version of the Acebeam X75, then equipped with a different type of Led's. In the same way as e.g., Acebeam X65 min or Acebeam K30 GT.

As usual, as soon as a company has put in the effort and comes out with a new product, the customers want more. It is thankless to work with product development...

On a light like this, I don’t even think to measure it (because of course I have some SBT90.2 throwers like the GT90, K75 and MF05+ to name a few.) and my review was already very long.

Acebeam quotes the XHP70.2 as 1150m, and the XHP70.3 as 1300m (both in the 6500K version)

I can do some rough candela testing inside my garage if you’d like, but Zeroair has rated a lot of acebeam’s lights and their throw numbers are usually good.

Thank you so much for your kind words! It makes me happy to know that people enjoy watching my video reviews!

As we wanted to demonstrate, the 80000 lumens are just a mirage, from the review we saw 64000 lumens for 1 second, immediately dropped after 30 seconds to 47000 lumens, considering the 5000k of the hue and adding an 8% more emission on the 6500k shade however we will not go never more than 69k which are the same numbers as Imalent MS18 mini with a range of 2000-3000 lumens. Again, marketing sensationalism triumphed ...

That’d be very kind and most appreciated. That was a great review, btw.

I read the comment from ACEBEAM X75 on TLF . The high efficiency of boost driver and Current 55A is possible to make X75 as a new successful high lumen monster.

Please don’t over estimate my lumen number accuracy. I use a home made texas_Ace lumen tube and it has not gone through any rigorous scientific calibration.

I think what is more important is the relative reading you can glean, like the fact that the Manker MK38 and X50 were both registering in the 30,000 to 34,000 range for seconds, while this light hit double that on the same equipment for longer.

Imalent is sending me a MS12 mini, and I will do a direct comparison against these two, which should be enlightening.

This is an excellent point. AceBeam uses boost buck drivers, and they are very efficient. It’s also why the ”very low” mode is 500+ lumens! Haha!

How did your Texas Ace tube hold up?