【Add a 18350 Tube】Wurkkos HD15/HD15R USB-C Dual Emitters Rechargeable Headlamp(Update)

Flatter than the above optics, therefore it is different. We try to make it as short as possible.

FET, buck driver.

Wait, is it a buck+FET driver? Or is it a FET driver for the actual flashlight and a buck in the USB C charging circuit?

Any other improvement you would like to see on it?

It is buck driver.


  1. Matte anodizing or raw aluminum.
  1. The pocket clip. Please use a one way deeep carry pocket clip. Deeper than the current design. Please refer to the new Noctigon KR4 clip:

Notice a few things:

  • The clip reaches the end of the flashlight
  • The starting / open end of the clip has a standoff that allows fabric to easily slide under when inserting it into the pocket.
  • One direction clip. You already have a second mounting groove near the head for reversibility, don’t make a redundant and bulky clip.
  1. Increase the opening of the bezel so that it’s not blocking any light from the optic. Looks like it needs an extra 1-2mm or so in the pic below.

  1. Make 100% sure this optic is compatible / swappable with Carclo 105xx optics.

Even brass or copper edition would be great, I second the use of standard size optics so we Can use turboglow Inside It :money_mouth_face:

The only things “missing” is IMO an/a few AUX LED’s :innocent: Other than the powerbank functionality this light seems to have everything I want in a flashlight :smiley:

Wurkkos: Here is a budget friendly 21700 size light with buck driver.

BLF: Please add everything to make it more expensive.


Low weight is for me most important but here are a few wishes:

What I miss in the IF25A is that when the battery gets low, high/turbo is then not very bright. I wondered the first time this happened “What is wrong?” And then: “Aha, battery must be low”. The indicator is still green in that case but the battery needs to be charged for full power.

So how about an indicator on the button like this:

- Off: Green, to find it in the dark

  • On:
    green if battery at 100–30 [ = all ok ]
    orange if battery at 10% - <30% [ = you need to charge soon ]
    red if battery < 10% [ = you need to charge now! ]

And to colour: what about a nice gray instead of black anodising? E.g. similar to the gray as used by the Skilhunt E2A, or a colour like sandblasted titanium or sandblasted stainless steel.

And, not really serious for this project of yours, but it would be cool for a high end light, if you are thinking of making such lights: if I can wish anything: USB to not just charge but to program the light :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info, hope we will have such kind very soon.

I’m excited for a new Wurkkos torch.

Thanks for your suggestions.

When will It be available in Eu?

Not sure, we will make sure only when the product good enough to release, then we will sell. Please kindly wait.

Thanks you,i will keep following the thread then :sunglasses:

Nice! Like the FC11’s bigger brother. :laughing:

Thanks for your support :slight_smile:

You changed the title to tester wanted, so you have prototypes ready or do you need testing of custom firmware? I’d be interested, I have a USBasp and so can program firmware for testing.

I would love to test that light. It is almost the FC11 21700 I’ve been dreaming of… I’d be happy to make a video review for it if thats helpful as well.

Three things though I’d love to see changed…

  1. Please offer it with the same UI that you had with your FC11. Part of the beauty of your products so far has been that I can use them in the real world. If you hand a random person an andruil light you have to babysit them and then explain why you are a crazy person with a crazy light.
  2. The double sided clip isn’t really necessary. Nobody could put that thing on a hat so it doesn’t make sense. I’d rather have a single direction clip (preferably with screws to add/remove) but its still a decent clip so not a huge deal.
  3. The button is a big step backwards from the button you use on your other lights (FC11, TS30, etc). That looks like the button that Sofirn uses on the SF47T, SP33, etc and that button is a huge step backwards. It doesn’t feel nearly as nice, it is so much easier to hit accidentally. I’d really like to keep the fantastic button you have been using.

Also I’d love to see a single emitter version. I just want a 21700 fc11…. Pretty please :cry: