Add a cue light

I’m an electronic enthusiast. Currently I’m adding a cue light in my electronic balance. Howeveer,I has a limited knowledge about professional electronics.So here I am.
Recently I bought a electronic balance.The buzzer is in a low voice cause the noise of production line is strong. I would like to add a cue light here while changing the buzzer that let its voice loudly with a sudden impulse .
However,I’m not assure that I can finish it by my oneself.Anyone in the forum can help me?
Some details about my electronic balance:
The inputted voltage:110V
The outputted voltage:7.5V
Can I use” LM386”: ? Need it add resistance?
I would like to upload my circuit into the forum then you can understand what I mean clearly while you can give me some suggestions for my circuit,but how to upload it?
Thank you in advance!

Welcome to BLF!
(Sorry I cant help you)

Sorry mate , I understood close to nothing about what you are talking about ! An electronic balance with input and output ? Maybe you are using the wrong term for your device or my English became , suddenly, very limited...

Pls., be more specific and less Google Translation , so we could help you ..! Don't take it personal , was just a suggestion... for details on posting images

How many volts and milli-amps does the buzzer get now?
Perhaps you could simply wire an LED to the buzzer circuit behind the LM386
so that the led sees the original buzzer voltage/amperage, but the buzzer sees the amplified signal?

Whether you need a resistor on the LM386 will depend on if you need more than it’s minimum voltage gain. Basically, try it without the resistor, if it’s not loud enough, add the resistor to the specified pins for more gain.