Adding insult to injury

I was just on and they are selling N95 face mask and forehead thermometers.

It sort of upset me but everyone has an opinion . That’s just mine

Just about every Chinese seller has them listed, so they can be a 1 stop shop of sorts. We are not the only country that is going thru this, and also buys their flashlights. Some sites are offering a free box of masks and/or hand sanitizer with a $50+ order.
Welcome to the new norm.

Sounds good to me. Nice of them to be able to supply us emergency supplies like this. Especially when they aren’t available here at stores or through Amazon.

Where do you think they’re getting theirs from?

Free with a purchase I can understand .

This is akin to punching someone in the nose and then selling them a box of tissues to stop the bleeding with.

How so? :question:

I’m guessing that it is the perspective of where the virus originated from, now also selling PPE stuff to ward it off.

Pretty much .

At least it’s not bat jerky.

That's not the most conscious way to see this. I understand this pandemic may be seen as “coming from China” to certain people, but that is a slanted and polarized way to see it. The actual instigator forces are non-physical, and they do what they can do just because of humanity's own weaknesses within their own minds and bodies. Those who deny this, namely those who do it in a jibing way, only add more fuel to the fire as it is a way of serving evil, even if it is understandable because of their unawareness and/or lack of spiritual development. There's a lot more “stuff” involved in this.

Better focus on reinforcing and helping ourselves and the planet, which in itself is conscious as everything else, rather than being divisive and quarrelsome. Asking your higher power to be impervious to Covid-19/coronavirus is a wise thing for those of you who still didn't do it, better late than never.

In the meantime, I'll be asking my higher power for this to end as best as possible for our highest good, while walking the streets without mask and without fear.

I blame the lizard people.

Maybe it is a time to fill:

You look a lot like Marty Feldman

Works as intended :slight_smile:

LOL, no offense to this thread, but I worked with a Machinist years ago who was Polish and he was a funny guy and very good at his trade too.

From the universe that brought you rewrapped recycled reject li-ion cells comes:

Maybe Not Recycled Facemasks

Remember, there’s gold in them thar trash bins for them as can find it.

For months China broadcast the danger to the world and demonstrated the proper way to contain and combat the virus while the west did nothing.

Now, when the only effective measures are exactly what China did (and was criticized for) somehow it becomes their fault despite months of inaction from the countries currently afflicted?

I really have been struggling with the train of thought of those expressing this viewpoint lately.

Mistakes have been made all over the place. Now is not the time for finger-pointing - now is the time for coming together (metaphorically), socially distancing, and helping stop this as soon as we can.

Coming together would be Sofirn trying to help their customers , not make more money from them .

Just my opinion , no need to get you panties in a wad .

I guess we could ask the government here in US to give us some.Well that won’t work now will it?