Adventure Sport Flashlights. What's on sale, and what's new thread!!

Hi everyone,

My name is Matt and I am the owner operator of Adventure Sport Flashlights.

This thread will be to announce sales that are currently running at the shop and for new products. You may also bring your questions comments and requests to this thread.

In an effort to make purchases from the store as easy as possible I have incorporated social login buttons including PayPal, Facebook, Google and Yahoo at the top of the home page. Using this you can instantly create an account using your existing information stored on those sites.

Sale items and new product will be posted below. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

The first sale will be DIY parts including SinkPads in all sizes, heat sinks and more!

I’ve been looking at your builds and the only thing stopping me is two sons in college and the big pay cut I took at work. Your builds are top notch and soon the XHP-70 dropin will be mine. I do wish you the best in your start up in building a company. So far your reputation around here will carry you far. Yes people his stuff is that good and then some.

All the best with the website Matt. You certainly have some interesting items for sale.

What holds the mcpcb onto that Mag heat sink?

congrats on your new venture, all the best!

Thanks all for the kind words and support, it means a lot :)

I use thermal epoxy. Arctil silver or Arctic alumina 2 part compound.

$31.15 shipping for one of these? If they were free they'd still be ~50% more than through your ebay store.

Hi Gj,

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Something is definitely set up wrong. If you in NY the only way shipping should be $31+ would be express mail.

I must have the weight or something entered wrong.

I think I have it fixed now, if you dont mind can you check it again and see what it says?

Only $27.85 now, and it doesn't increase with quantity anymore, at least for the small stuff I tried like LEDs & the heat sink. The XHP70 Mag light is 32.40 for one, 36.54 for two, 43.55 for three. (Not actually considering buying three of those. )

Even a single empty sinkpad costs $27.85.

Hmmm... I will do my best to get to the bottom of this. I appreciate your feedback on it.

When you get to the check out which services are you being offered if you have only a small item like a sinkpad in cart?

Ah, I see. There was no options for shipping until I went further down the checkout path. After entering my address again (Why collect it at registration if not to use it as a possible shipping address?) I get a page with shipping options. For one 10mm xp sinkpad the options are:

USPS First Class - $2.74

USPS Priority Mail - $6.40

USPS Priority Mail Express - $27.85

$3.14 for one heat sink, $3.54 for two...

Sorry for the trouble, I'll learn to use the Internetz someday.

Is there a thread on installing one of these anywhere?

Bump for good guy and great craftsman. This guy's stuff is jam-up!!! For what he does and gives his lights are steals.

Hey, no problem at all man. I'm just glad it worked out. Presta shop is really a good platform, but the changes that do need to be made can be difficult. Some of which even require rewriting of base code etc.

The truth is you were still right, there is a small glitch. Once you have logged in I see no reason why the system should wait until checkout to recalculate the shipping cost. I would like to get this fixed as well because if it happened to you it has probly happened to others. Some of which would just move on.

There is not a thread for use of the sink at this time, but if you run into any issue you can inquire in this thread. They are a fairly simple build since the emitter and driver holes are engineered for readily available parts. About the only other thing that needs to be done is removing the Mag switch tower and soldering leads.

Right, it's not a problem for returning customers but for someone researching on the internet and seeing that without any indication that there will be options presented later will move on. Imagine someone presented with that registering an account, and heading down the checkout path on hopes of finding a reasonable shipping option.Not gonna happen.

I just trued disassembling a Mag. How so you get out that retaining ring? I've never seen that style before without holes for regular retaining ring pliers. Is there a different type out there somewhere or is it proprietary to Mag?

It has so far defied my attempts. Perhaps a pair of needle-nose pliers could be re-ground to fit but there must be an easier way.

How long is the sale going on? I'm a little nervous ordering before I can even open these Mags.

I always drop the switch out the bottom of the light first ( there is a hex key hole in the center of it). Once that is done I take a flat head screw driver and lift up under one end of the snap ring. Once in a while you will have to put a second screw driver in through the switch hole to keep the ring from spinning long enough to pop it out, but usually this is not needed.

The sale is scheduled to conclude Monday of next week.

Thanks, ordered 2.