Adventures in Greased Lightining, Rouge and Practical Broiling

I like the two tone on the E1320.

After reading the original post I threw the head and body of my cut-down mini-mag in the oven to see what would happen. After all, it's a mule to test out some of the things I've been reading here.

1.5 hours at 500 degrees and I ran out of time, after it cooled I find I kind of like it! I was just messing around so I didn't bother with the tailcap or bezel. The cut off part of the body didn't go in the oven, in the picture for comparison.

I have four more mini mags I plan on cutting down soon, blue, red, shimmer and silver, I think I'll throw the cut off portions in the oven to see how they look.

Oh, and one more thing. In my rush to put something in the oven I forgot to remove the O ring from the body, didn't realize it until I pulled it out of the oven. After it cooled I rolled it off, lubed it up and put it back...good as new!

Stunning results, Jack. Can you please share some more info ?

I agree; that knife looks absolutely knockout.


Ah I have seen that post 100+ times but never opened it because I’m not interested in the Dry at all :stuck_out_tongue:
I didn’t know thats what it was about til now.

This is a Sanrenmu 763 aluminum after soaking in Greased Lightning .

This thread gave me an interesting idea. My brother and I were using the self lubricating ceramic based coating called cerakote on firearms. We made some pretty cool looking 1911 pistols that way. Sandblasting one of these Solar Force hosts that I bought and making it a dual or triple tone cerakote finished flashlight might be kinda neat looking... Maybe an all matte sand or OD green would be cool too. Hmmm........ This picture below is ceracoated matte black on the slide and matte OD green on the frame. I think this would do nicely on a torch that was going to see any hard duty, and look pretty badA$$ in the process. Thoughts? BTW, very nice looking projects you have there, Foy!

I'll tell you what is bad-a$$ . . . is that Remington. I've heard of Cerakote but don't know much about it. I definitely want to try that on a flashlight . . .


Thx for this very informative thread Foy! I'm contemplating picking up a Stone White JM07. Have you ever heated up any bare Al? If so, what color does it turn into? I'm not sure about the color so just in case I don't like it, would be awesome if there was an option to change it.


I have white and black Cerakoted mini L2Xs coming back soon. It's awesome stuff.

If you have access to a local coater, go for it. I used the service on CPF proper, in the B/S/T area.

What is the going rate for cerakoting for something say, the size of a p60 host?

I would estimate $30 to $40, depending on quantity and masking requirements.

Little or no change - most "silver" lights probably have some sort of clear coating on them - all you are likely to do is burn it off. #114

Nice lights! Very temptation!

My L2m...

Ha!, had me confused there for a sec, I was about to respond "Thx kreisler!" and then I noticed the quote said Don (didn't notice there was more than one member using a squirrel in their avatar).

Anyways, thx for the link Don, good to know.

Btw, greased lightning is just a commercial name for that generic like, yellow degreaser sold in all "marts" averywhere for a buck or near that?

Correct, except the bottle is purple. :)

You want a product that has alkaline builders (or phosphates.)

Alternately, oven cleaner can be used - BE CAREFUL USING OVEN CLEANER, AS IT CAN BURN YOU !!!

"GREASED LIGHTNING" is preferred, as it is much safer to use in a home setting.

Dunk the flashlight in it (the neede parts) and a few hours later wash and neutralize it?

Correct. You can also heat the degreaser in the microwave for around a minute per 250cl, as this speeds up the reaction.

It will start off slowly, then build in intensity. The bubbles given off are hydrogen, so PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH EVERYTHING !!!