Advice for a Newbie

Hi guys!

I’m new here and was hoping that someone could help me out…

My first real EDC light was the OTR M3 which has served me well over the past year…it’s taken quite a beating and still works great! However, I wanted something smaller so I ended up getting the Olight S1 Mini a few months ago, which is alright, but I’m really not crazy about the weak magnet and the UI after getting used to the M3. After some research, I decided to give the Klarus Mi1C Ti a shot and found a good deal on the bay for $45. It just arrived in the mail today…I really like the look, feel and build quality but wondering if there is a way to mod the user interface. The issue that I have with it is that the jump from MED to HIGH seems extremely drastic to me. Is it possible to “reprogram”, swap the driver, or am I stuck with it the way it is?

One more thing…are there any AAA lights out there with a magnet in the tail cap? Preferably one with a side switch. My pops is a mechanic and carries a small AAA Fenix E01 attached to his keychain, which he uses all the time, but I’d like to get him something a bit more practical for his uses. A magnet would really help him out and a pocket clip would also be great. I bought him the DQG Tiny AA in brass but it’s a little too heavy and the twisty switch is annoying because you have to cycle through all 3 modes every time you turn it on and off to get to the desired brightness level. I’m thinking about giving him Klarus, if I can’t find him the right AAA light, and buying another one for myself…

Thanks and all the best!

  • Hovan

I really like the HLAAA 2.0 from Lumintop. It has a magnet and a clip, and it’s very compact. Take a look at the review linked in my signature.

Maybe the Manker E02/E02H would be a good fit? High CRI and a sturdy magnet, plus a simple UI off the electronic switch on the head.

Thanks! I went ahead and ordered both suggestions…pops can have his pick :slight_smile:

How are you doing Hovan, and welcome to BLF! :partying_face:
One interesting feature of the manker E02 light is the programmable moonlight mode, which I think is really cool and useful.
You could also just get some magnets and super glue to any light you want: neodymium magnets - Buy neodymium magnets with free shipping | Banggood Shopping

Was gonna suggest if you can do an AA instead, is the Lumintop Tool AA kit. It has a rear-clicky but can be swapped for an included magnetic tail and you can use it as a twisty (if you get the kit, with 2 tails and a diffuser, too).

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Does anyone have any input on the first part of my original post…about the Klarus Mi1C Ti??

Most of those lights have “specialty” drivers, not like the usual NANJG drivers and the like. Ie, whatever you get out of the box is pretty much what you’re stuck with.

Maybe someone took apart a Klarus and knows what µC is inside, and tried reading the contents, but unless someone who’s done that chimes in…