Advice Needed - Battery Pack, Bicycle Light, 6-8 cells

Hi All

I’m in need of advice on the above.

Somebody asked me for a recommendation on an above standard bicycle light which should give around 6 hours runtime. One of my top pics for a light is the Solarstorm XT40. I still need to do some calculations, but 6 hours is a bit optimistic on a 4 cell battery pack. My rough guesstimate on a good 6800 mah (4 cell) pack would be around

6ah (battery pack) / 2.5amps (light) = +–2.5 hours.

I’m looking for recommendations on battery packs bigger than 4 cells. I want to be able to buy the batteries separate, so that I can recommend good batteries for the application. Thus, I’m almost looking for something like this that can take 6-8 cells? This makes things flexible. I was not able to find such a product though.

Maybe advice around building such a unit myself would be great? Will it be possible to run 2 of the above units (2 x 4 cell packs) in parallel with some kind of splitter / parallel cable?

Thanks in Advance!

Mmm, seems like a gray topic this… :slight_smile: For now, I’m going the route of 2 x Solarstorm battery packs, with manual swop out (thus not in parallel) as needed. If the first pack goes dead, manually swop to 2nd pack. Thanks.

Here have a coupon

Also please note the possible problems with the built in battery protection, it is possible to mod the box for proper protection, see Hooray! New Solarstorm BC-2 4x18650 battery (2S2P) case for bike lamps

Another option, comes with 4 included cells

Thanks finges, I’ve missed the review on the BC-2. Thanks for the links and relevant information. :wink: