Advice needed on hot air rework station.

Well, I haven’t decided if I’m getting one but if so, the quick seems to be the way to go. Too bad about all the duties etc. Shipping from TEquipment.

Oh yea,… Forgot about that. It still works quite a bit cheaper than ordering from Digi-key or Amazon. Ordering from a supplier in Canada is well over $200 plus shipping sometimes. There is still the option of going with something like this . Probably be ok but the worst is buying something for a second time because it didn’t last. It will still do the job and you could still get lucky with reliability

Has anyone tried this?\_mOmudjf&aff_trace_key=382d4442321f4d88be2c18bc420dcc72-1610088946300-03075-\_mOmudjf&shareId=20027220697&businessType=ProductDetail&platform=AE&terminal_id=f0ef95f790084e779804fbe567dbd6d4

A friend sent the link to me.

That looks like the 858D hand piece. Not bad.

What is an invitationCode?

Yeah, that’s hard to beat, I assume your talking about the stand alone hot air station setup. The soldering iron version of that tool (under a different name -but don’t remember it atm) has good reviews and I’m pretty sure I saw a thread here on BLF were a few guys swore by it. As as far as I know the power supply is a quite good especially considering the price. I believe, although I not sure, this type has the air pump in the handle and not in the station itself (note the cord between handle and station on this one compared to the hose on the Quick). I would try to find out whether it’s noisy or anything like that. I’m sure you wouldn’t want it sounding like a hot air gun or a hair dryer or something. The Quick is virtually silent. The only sound you hear is the sound of air blowing as it exits. If you can find out that it’s relatively quiet though I think it’s really worth considering. Yes I think I remember the name…Sealody . Very similar I’d say… which to me is encouraging.

Yes indeed. If they haven’t changed the handle, the fan is not too noisy.

Ok good.Yes, very much worth considering I’d say

Oh cool! You mean the one with no soldering iron?

I’m sure they’re fantastic, and if I were doing hot-air work professionally I would absolutely invest in a nice unit. But the 858D suits my needs as a hobbyist: for just under $50 post-tax, I got the station with a spare heating element (and some random other tools hand tools like tweezers that I didn’t factor into the decision), and it will suffice for my occasional hobby-level use. It has already done quite well installing the GPIO header on my Raspberry Pi Zero W.

After all, I only had $50 of Amazon gift card for Christmas :wink:

If I were doing professional work, I’d upgrade my X-Tronic soldering station to at least an ERSA I-Con pico/nano, if not to the JVC unit I loved when I was micro-soldering professionally (employer’s equipment, wish I could’ve kept it!)

I too opted for this model. Being self-contained, I can use it to loosen Locktite with the lathe (locked 3 jaw chuck) or in any of my machinist’s vices. Here’s looking at you Sofirn!

I had found another similar model, but the heater was a jumbled Ni-Chrome - not professional. Did a little mod; changed the switch to an On-Off-On and placed a couple of ball switches (SW200D) so as to have an auto On when tilted.

AE Link

What did you end up getting??

I did not get one. I’m not convinced I will actually use it. I did more modding and was successful with my current setup. The aliexpress one was tempting but I already have to much “stuff”. I was able to mod the jetbeam mini one without it so I decided to hold off.

I actually have a bunch of mod stuff I’ve been meaning to clear out.
Mostly older stuff, may be some pretty decent stuff, but my modding (and time) is very limited these days. Just a few LED swaps.