Advice on Fenix HL60R emitter swap - SST-40 vs XML2?

I ordered an SST40 5000K and an XM-L2 T6 4C (4250-4500K) and am curious what y’all think might work better in a Fenix HL60R. I’ll probably just try both, but I am wondering if I need to worry about heat and current drain with the SST-40? I’m not sure how Fenix is driving the LED in this light - I’m assuming it’s just a regulated 3V setup. Thoughts?

I like the SST-40 for output but the XM-L2 has better tints available. Where did you get your SST-40?

I ordered both from Mountain Electronics. They’re only available on PCBs from them but I’m just gonna pull the emitters off. Considering using the XM-L2 and putting the SST-40 in my FT03. I rarely use the Fenix but maybe I would if it had better tint!