Advice on flashlights to send to friends with intermittent power

So, I have some friends in a country where they currently only have electricity for a few hours a day. They asked if I could send some flashlights that they could charge up and then use until the power comes back on.

I have quite a collection with mostly removable batteries but I think for this situation I want flashlights with internal batteries and non proprietary charging cables. (USB-C I’m thinking)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Lowest weight and highest run time is much more important than brightness. As far as color temp they’re not going to be picky about that.


This is really not the best place to make political requests like this.

Do you have anything to talk about regarding flashlights?

Actually it’s specifically about flashlights. I didn’t ask someone to donate money or vote for something. I’m buying flashlights for family members who need them and asking for guidance from flashlight experts

And it’s in off topic chatter where you can post about anything

Did you even read what I wrote before complaining? You might want to pick up “hooked on phonics”

Make your request through the NY Times and not a flashlight forum.

This causes fighting and division.

Read through the posts before posting political statements like this.

Have to disagree with Zoulas on this one. The advice requested is non-political. He is not asking for any discussion of the situation or country or politics. Saying the name of the country serves only to explain in fewer words the power situation.

My advice would be for some lanterns LT1. Usb-c charging, long useful runtime, powerbank in a pinch also. For flashlights, the sofirn “pro” versions also come to mind, like Q8 and sp36, for the same reasons.

Zoulas, your response is bringing politics to a non-political thread. This thread is about flashlights suitable for a situation where charging power is only available for a few hours per day at most.

Also, due to time of year and latitudes involved, likely that solar charging is inappropriate.

Thank you my friend… I’ll order those

(Changed title of question to avoid offending anyone)

Ну а если кого-то интересует мнение "человека с полей", и кто имеет небольшое представление о необходимости пока, то скорее фонарики со сменными 18650. Так как многие используют аккумуляторы от сборок, ноутбуков и т.п. возможность, возможность, возможность. Флюдеры скорее, не дальнобойные. Также доступна возможность зарядки в автономном режиме. Световая температура вряд ли критична... И спасибо, что помните, что у кого-то может быть поддержка...

Сегодня третий день без электричества в районе. Даже у меня проблемы со стоком. Вот как сейчас питается мой ноутбук:


Wurkkos FC11 and HD15. The headlight charges fast at almost 2 amps.

For EDC size, Sofirn SP35.
Buck driver, 5000 mAh stock battery, efficient SST40 = terrific runtimes in Medium and lower modes

Sofirn also sells separately diffuser and magnetic tail cap to add to versatility.

UI operation is simple yet quite feature-packed. (stepped ramping or smooth ramping, strobe - SOS - beacon, momentary moonlight when locked)

My favorite “room light” is the Sofirn SP36. I have 3 of them placed around the house and I use them like desk lamps. For indoor use, I very much prefer light that is reflected off a wall or ceiling compared to the omnidirectional lantern style lights. With reflected light, the entire room is gently illuminated without the glaring bright spot you get from an omnidirectional, or side emitting lamp. Sure, you could fabricate a lamp shade to reduce the glare from the omnidirectional light, but ceiling bounce works even better. And with three 3000MAh cells in the SP36, I can run it for several hours a night for several days before I need to recharge it. And the built-in charger works great.
If you need smaller and lighter, I would go with the Sofirn IF25.
I’m basing my recommendation on my own experience with weeks-long power outages from hurricanes and other storms. My most used lights in those times are the SP36 to light up the room, and any of several headlamps I own for performaing any hands-on tasks. Handheld lights just get awkward while you’re trying to make home repairs, prepare a meal in the dark, or pretty much anything other than taking a walk.

Yes, with long outages, the main problem is the supply of elements. Also, more capacious 26650 or 21700 simply do not have time to charge for that unfortunate hour of switching on per day. I don’t argue about the priority of the forehead, my LH3A with 219C is almost always on my head. The optimal ratio of compactness, lightness and performance.

I would probably want a headlamp. One of the budget Sofirns would be good.

Built-in charging is good if there is, but for the most part, it does not make sense. The flashlight does not have time to lie down and charge, it is always needed.

I’ve got a pause in my flashlights hobby for around 10 years I think :slight_smile: But recently I’ve bought more different lights that in the all previous years! Mostly AA/14500 ones and one 21700 Convoy. Looking to buy more 21700.

Practically at home it’s easier to use “360” lamps. I have a great success with an Energizer from Amazon
Ideally You should have similar lamp that accepts AAs.
Also small motion sensor lights from Ali are very helpful. They are usually have magnets so You can stick them everywhere and they charge relatively fast.

Regarding EDC lights probably it’s good to have some lights that can accept AAs because You can buy and stockpile them easily!

Yea, I don’t like built in charging either. I’m on vacation and I have my 8 bay Gyrfalcom humming along at 0.5 amp and a drawer full of fresh cells. I have some new Hank lights that I’m using 18500 and it’s great to be able to toss a few in my pocket when I go out

Thanks for the great advice! I’m going to get one of those lanterns for myself

I’m liking the look of the warm (orange) night light on that lantern. And there is a foldable version that runs on D cell batteries I have some really good low self discharge D cells. Looks like I’m adding 2 lanterns to my storm prep kit :smiley:

Thanks for the help everyone. I greatly appreciate it.

I would suggest a USB chargeable flashlight with a small power station.
You can get 200Wh power stations relatively cheap, and flashlights with 2A charging.

When the power comes on charge both.
That said for room lighting i would chose a lantern rather then a flashlight.

Whats your budget?