advice on romisen rc-a4 (modify or not?)

i have a romisen rc-a4 that is an impressive light. it puts out alot of light for its size but drains the battery quite fast. it has a q3 emmiter and runs on a cr123 primary. i want to start using rechargables in this light and maybe upgrade the board too. maybe an ak47 driver like the one sticky'ed on this forum? what are your recommendations for a board and inexpensive batteries. have charger.



AK47 driver and Trustfire Flame 16340.

I have the Q5 version of that light and yes it is a pocket rocket, why change the driver only and not the led.

i figured that the q3 emitter is really bright as is and has a great tint. i read somewhere that the emitter isn't pushed very hard in this light. maybe 500ma or so. also read that the q3 will give off 200 lumens at 1.0a. also, the ak47 driver should give me better options as to what modes i want. yes, i am a strobe whore. lol

You can use a P60 pill in this light with a shortened reflector (just sand it down till it fits) or you can do what I have done: I have shortened the original reflector at its bottom end as the threads are different to a P60 pill an won't screw on completely, by forcing the shortened reflector on the pill makes the pill cut some "new" threads.

I did this because I use an XP-G led in it and the original reflector gives a nicer beam than the one that came with the dropin (DX), heat dissipation is also better as it is a tighter fit (you can use aluminium foil to increase heat dissipation when using the P60 reflector).

With a 1 mode 1,4A driver using a 16340 it is one of my favourite edcs.

Okay i just wanted to know what the plan was, hmmmm i never tried a P60 drop-in so i might save that for something in the future.