advice on torches bang for buck

The Convoy M21D is a compact thrower with a 21700 battery and onboard charging. It normally comes with an XHP70.2 which is bright but not the throwiest LED. You could ask Simon to swap it out for an sft-40 or something, he’s very obliging like that.

How odd. I’ve ordered many things from the Sofirn Ali store with no problems.

I’ve just had a look and I’m able to purchase the IF22A with shipping to the UK. Are you definitely on the official store? Try this link - 31.31€ 35% OFF|Sofirn if22a 2100lm taschenlampe 680 leistungs starkes licht sft40 led m lang reichweite usb c wiederauf ladbare lade lampe|LED-Taschenlampen| - AliExpress

There’s even a coupon for it - [Black Friday Deal]Sofirn Aliexpress Store~Deal price for all products

Then there is larger SBT90, multi -cell throwers. But i guess they might be to big for your specific purpouse.

Thanks people . I got a Sofire IF22A delivered through the post, it took ages but it is worth it. Micro nav and area searches are much easier now I can light up the area like daylight and its small and light enough to not be an issue in your pocket or top of the sack. I dont know how long it lasts yet but its still going strong after a whole evening of intermittent use. Theres lots ot interest from my team mates and i think we’ll be getting some more.

It’s a great light!