advice on torches bang for buck

Hi Hive mind . I’m in the UK, and im a mountain instructor. I’ve also recently started with a mountain rescue team so ive got some good headtorches, however, they don’t have a great throw that ill need in montain rescue - I can’t use my headtorches to pick out objects a long way away. The team has a few big Led Lenser lights which are great but big and bulky.

What I’d like is a recommendation for a buy off the shelf, I’m too nervous to build my own, supplemental hand held torch which would fit in a pocket and be bright with a long throw. It would also need to be as weather resistant and rugged as possible oh and not too pricey cos its a personal purchase. Ive looked through thge forums and there is so much information and knowledge there that i felt my mind would blow!!!

thanks for your help


Well, you have smaller LEP-s as of today like: II Wich can be found for 120-140 usd with promocodes often.
or the: Sofire IF22A for a regular LED (and not as pricey). IF22A

Maybe a good start?

Check out Fireflies T1R or the Acebeam E10

How about the good old Convoy C8+? What are your existing head torches? Do any of them use 18650’s? For the Convoy you would need a battery and charger if you don’t already have that. Failing that, anything from Sofirn (or Wurkkos) with a bundled battery would be a good choice to get you started. As mentioned, the IF22A looks like a great new offering by them.

When I hear rugged I think of fenix. Unfortunately, not all their lights are offered in NW.

If I were looking for search and rescue light, pocketable would not be a requirement. Holster but not so bulky it gets in the way… just my opinions…

After putting Fenix light in tough conditions while caving I am not sure I agree with your opinion :)

Have you posted somewhere what happened? I’ve dropped my fd65 so many times, ~1m. not on solid rock though…yet

Not to challenge you, especially since I’ve owned neither, but are you saying you find Fireflies more robust than Fenix?

I totally agree with this. 21700 based with a spare cell slot would be ideal imo. For a really budget and practical option I like to recommend the Convoy L21B with SFT40.

What range do you need? What terrain and conditions? Runtime?

Welcome to BLF, Stevieb :+1:

Some questions:

- what size is ideal for you (since you say that the lights your team elements are too big)?

  • what is your budget?

No, I was offering Fireflies since it has very narrow beam and I don't think SAR requires super robustness as in caving.

My comment was only regarding Fanix which in my experience are not as robust as some people think. The H series is popular light for caving since it is compact and cheap but I have seen many Fenix lights fail

Someone pls explain for gentleman why search lights are big.

The range of throw will be limited if you stick to more compact options. A large reflector is practically a requirement on a true searchlight. But maybe there is smaller light that will throw well enough for your needs. How far does this light need to be able to throw?

Not a flashlight advice, but a channel that shows search and rescue flashlights,

Yes, the comparisons at the end of this video will give a quite good understanding of typical setups: YouTube channel, comparison video

And off topic, I can see why they call it flashoholics.
Some person coming in asking for an advice, gets jumped by 10 friendly persons: “of course you have to try this one, but this is also good. Come join us in our addiction, come flash with us” cut your credit card now, and run. RUN!

Well at least flashlights come in handy. It’s popular to collect lots of things that are less practical. (rocks, stamps, etc)

Well, can’t argue with you! I have five flashlights incoming on the mail, or was it six? :smiley:

Haha I guess it is Christmas all year round! :smiley: I “only” have 13 lights so far and I’m trying to limit myself to one shipment in the mail at a time.

Thanks for the feedback. It’s like being a kid in a sweet shop but there’s so much choice you can’t make up your mind!!” I loved the IF22A but the only place I found them was on Ali express and then when I ordered it said they couldn’t deliver to my country, (UK) !!! The Convoy L21B with SFT40 looks great but I have the added expense of batteries and charger, I don’t think it’s rechargeable in the torch like the IF22A so I’d have to buy batteries and a charger.