Advice Sought: Xtar WP2II - USA plug via Australian adapter?

Hi folks,

Seeking a little guidance from the sages of wisdom that frequent these parts....

I'm just considering placing an order for the well reviewed Xtar WP2 Mark II version. However, it struck me that this unit comes with a USA style adapter - living in Australia this wouldn't be usable hence I need a solution.

Simplest option is to use a normal USA to AUS style adapter/travel plug (I have many of these already) but would this have some negative affect on the device?

Some vendors do seem to have Xtar's Australian version of their own adapter available for an additional fee - HOWEVER these appear to be suited to the earlier WP2 charger - and so only output 12v@700mA, which I would have thought is below what the WP2 vII needs (12v@1000mA). They also have a version outputting 12v@2A but that would seem like way too much.

If the simple US->AUS plug is acceptable that'd be my preference - but if it compromises the device and results then I'd have to look at other options.

THANK YOU in advance for your assistance with this matter.

:-) Nikko

You can specify which power plug you want. I just realized aus plugs have skewed prongs.

Yes, the flat/round to aus adapter will do fine. It's a simple mechanical adaptor.

Any aus adaptor is fine. They send you a cheap one (or should). It has no effect its just metal on metal connection.

If you have a few , pick the one that fits best ...

They do at times have contact issue , so the better the adapter ...

I use one with a fuse. I have used the cheap ones too but then can be a loose fit. I used silastic on some to keep them together.

The main problem about using these travel adapters with chargers and stuff is that most of these cheap adapters don't look like they're made to carry any weight other than a simple 2-prong plug. Anything with a bit of weight will hang out or may make bad contact. That being said, I've used cheap travel adapters myself and they do work, it's just not the most elegant or safe solution.

About the adapters (wall warts), if 700 mA isn't enough, it won't hurt to use one rated at 2000 mA as that's the maximum limit the adapter can supply. As most of these adapters are switch-type converters, it may even run a little more efficient at only 1000 mA as switch mode power supplies usually peak in efficiency at 50-75% load (i.e. for a 2A wall wart that would mean a 1000 to 1500 mA consumption).

Thanks for the quick and well written replies guys - MUCH appreciated.

You've confirmed what I suspected - sometimes its just nice to double check lest one's making erroneous assumptions. Appreciate the ideas - putting that adhesive in between the adapters is a good idea - thanks for that one.

Thanks again - I will place my order immediately. :-)