Advise me about this beauty stainless steel

Hi guys..

I'm always dig into shiny flashlight like the stainless steel one.

I come across with these 2 lights. can't really find a review for them. can anyone advise me about the quality, performance, even the cheaper pricing and where to buy (except from where I linked them from)..many thanks :)


EOSlamp SP11-S

I've only seen those at CNQG or at

any idea about the quality, Johnny?

I can't say for sure because I don't have either nor do I recall reading any reviews on them but Ric usually only sells good quality lights so I'm pretty sure they are both nice.

Have you seen the Convoy SS lights at Fasttech yet? The Convoy S7 is guaranteed quality and you can get it in your choice of many tints and output levels.

maybe the name is not well given so many people are not aware or hear about it.

yes, I have looked at convoy S7, don't like the looks though..

actually I like the clone of lumintop worm. but DX never restock them anymore.

I like the look of that D9.
I like the 18650 tube format.

Similar to the 270-t60
and the Ultrafire C303 (except that’s aluminium alloy)

This is what I thought of when I saw “D9” :

the 270-T60 is very similar to ultrafire C3 stainless steel version. only different a bit in the relief pattern.

however the C303 is really nice looking especially the one in Don's photos..

gotta read more about it

haha..that's D9 looks like a friend of John Deere

You ever try a steel light? The D9 look very heavy… I have this one and it is heavy

yes, stainlees steel light is very heavy. I own C3 stainless steel AA version and they weight like 2 alumunium light.
the yezl in you link has many clone…thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile: