advise on RC cars / trucks?

Any advise on a fun 1/24 or smaller RC car / truck RTR less than $30?

This being a budget hobby site, i figured someone here would have some experience in budget RC car / truck.

$30 is almost impossible… increase your budget and maybe check here:\_store=en_us

I like Traxxas

Losi has a few 1/24 vehicles, but they’re a bit out of your range:—blue-grey-p-ecx00015t1

Traxxas is usually the more budget brand with Losi being higher end, but at smaller scales Losi is fairly affordable. You can try to find a used car cheaper, or maybe a roller and you build it up on your own.

Yeah - I had been eyeing Traxxas and Losi for a while on classified for used ones. are there other RC forums to get used cars / trucks?

Then i got thinking that maybe there are some cheaper gearbest / banggood type versions like we have for flashlights - you know maybe the Convoy of RC cars world?

Maybe something on craigslist?
Anything new for that price will just be a cheap piece of plastic from toys r us or something like that.

how is this one? Team Associated SC28 Lucas Oil Edition 1/28 Scale Short Course Truck [ASC20150] - AMain Hobbies

would this also be crap?

I don’t have any experience with the smaller scale stuff, but I do recommend traxxas. No matter what brand or car you buy, parts are going to break. Traxxas parts are by far the most common to find at hobby shops. They even have them at best buy up here in Canada.

I have a heavily modded 4x4 Slash with a castle 2650kv 4068 motor with a mamba monster x esc on 4s Lipo. It goes faster than my driving skill and having parts readily available is very much needed.

Not super bad since it’s from a good quality brand, but it sill has next to no upgradeability which is something most people buying hobby-grade RC cars want.

+1 on the upgrade ability being important. You will get used to the speed or jumping ability and want more.

I can go >100km/hr with mine and some days think maybe I should upgrade to a bigger motor. It’s like the flashlights, you get 1000 lumens then need 2000 then 3000 etc. It’s never enough.

oh noooo… what have i gotten myself into? i had come to this site for 1 good flashlight… and now i have boxfuls of them. is the same going to happen with RC cars?

Lol most likely

You might check garage sales as well. The more refined folks call them “estate” sales.


Didn’t think about that. Should check them out. Also what are some active rc car forums with for sale sections?

Could check out redcat. They would be like the convoy of RCs in my opinion. Wont find parts at most LHS most likely but parts are plentiful online. Had the RS10 for a bit when I wanted to try out crawling, and I liked it quite a bit, just wasnt into crawling… too slow.

Got a sweet Traxxas Rustler VXL I could sell ya :smiley:

I still have my car from 7+ years ago :slight_smile:

Nice rig. How do you like those proline shocks? was back and forth on those and the Traxxas GTRs, ended up with the GTRs which are really nice

For shocks check out the units off the HPI Vorza. Big step up from the gtrs or prolines and are less $. Very easy to mount to the slash/stampede platform

Hmmm redcat doesn’t seem that much cheaper - but nice to have options.

Start getting into rigs much cheaper than redcat and parts start to become hard to get. Can get some cheap rigs off hobbyking but parts can be near impossible to get. Could always check out the rc buy sell trade groups on Facebook for a good deal
Those vorza shocks look real nicr, but my gtrs are new basically, and trying to sell my rustler now.

I have a 1/10 Nitro Traxxas Revo 3.3 that I haven’t used for a while because is too noisy to use where I live, and have been considering in either selling it and get an E-Revo 1/10 or 1/16 or a Traxxas Summit or just try to modify the Nitro Revo to Brushless, since I already have tons of spare parts for it. What do you guys think?