Again and again !!!!

On Friday upon arrival from work i had 4 boxes and two shipping envelopes. A couple of lights some batteries etc…
I just now ordered 3 more lights
Nitecore EA41 This will make 2 as the first one stays in the fishing boat and really like this light.
Nitecore P30 Still searching for the perfect thrower for me.
Fenix FD45 Thought this looked interesting as same specs as the EA41 but with focusing beam !!!

That will make six lights this month I try to keep it to 4 a month but like Pookie said
“they just be calling me man , calling me”

I believe i do have most standard size lights i want now.
I am currently researching the monster throwers now…

Was quite a few sales this weekend also.
What lights did you buy this weekend?

Sounds like you're off to a great start. I went through that phase, and now I am at the very selective phase. I almost feel like unless something really special comes along, I won't be needing to add to my collection for awhile. I did order this light just because I really don't need it, but want it.

I have had and purchased lights for years. Seems as if I buy buy buy the latest and greatest giving my interest.
Then months of selective buying then massive purchases again when the manufactures flood the market.
More so lately most manufactures have been having the 40 percent flash sales so i find myself making those purchases
that typically i would not. It seems that there is a Lumen war going on now. Who can produce the most output for a few
moments. I think the 900 to 1200 range is more than adequate but i want sustainability at those levels. I want my light to sustain
900 lumens for 30 mins. So that is where my buying prowless has been lately. I have found that thermal regulating will sustain
higher outputs over a given period than timed stepdown.

SO again !!! I just bought another light. Really excited about this one though. Got a great deal too… In my book anyway.

Umm, why did you buy Basen cells?

You could have easily bought NCR18650GAs from Banggood for cheaper, and less risk of a wrapper cell change.

I have 6 of them already about 6 months old and they work great.
I do not recall any issues, did i miss problems with these cells?

Just checking…. have you heard of M4D M4X and/or freeme ??

If not, you might want to check em’ out. :slight_smile:

How does one sign up? Looks promising…

Go here Sign up and follow his instructions. You will save a boatload.

Thank You!

You are off to a good start of being a TRUE flashaholic!

I hate and do NOT have shelf queens. I have about 16 modded lights I alternate on the trail each night when walking my Husky.

I still get new lights,newest is the CATvn V6 NW 5000K.

Back to the shelf queens. When I get to the point where I think I can not use all my lights, I sell a few and then buy a newer one!

Anyway, I have ALL my lights, batteries, chargers, DMM’S ect documented with cost/DOP.

I am nowhere near the top in this regard. My value at the Moment is $5400. I have known peoples collections well over 10K/15K.

plasma327….it will not take long before you exceed me! Just beware that a lot of us[me included] have addicting personalities and we have the disease of MORE! :wink:

P.S. A gentleman named “NEWLUMEN”. He is probably around 20K/25K!!! I think last year he bought 61 lights!!! :money_mouth_face:

Yep…… what toddcshoe said. :+1: You’ll be glad you did…. :money_mouth_face: . :money_mouth_face: