Akoray K-106 on AA - upgrade with XM-L?

I have an Akoray K-106, the programmable version.

It is equipped with a Q5 emitter which is kinda weak.

I use it only with an AA (energizer ultimate or eneloop), and the driver pulls about 1A on max brightness (measured at the tail).

I guess the LED gets at most about 350mA, and probably less, accounting for the 1.5V->3.7V conversion loss.

Would it make any sense to replace the emitter with an XM-L?

I think it can add 30-50 lumens at best, which are roughly 30%-50% compared to the Q5 (optimistic numbers, taken from Cree's tables).

And just out of curiosity (I don't intend to do so) - would you change your answer if I would run the flashlight off a li-ion? Would heat be an issue at 1A?