Al from Spain

Hi everyone,

I’m starting in the light world. I think I will begin buying a humble Convoy C8 Cree XML2. Thanks!!


It's a pleasure to know you, sailor123!

If you want a cheap thrower, the Convoy C8 is not a bad choice.

The XM-L2 emitter is kinda old, though.

You might want to get one with a better emitter.

Hi there and welcome! Don’t be fooled by the price of the Convoy C8 with XM-L2… It is an exceptionally performing flashlight! :+1: :smiley:

Welcome to BLF !

My first ‘serious’ flashlight was a Convoy C8 (the previous model) with a XM-L2 in it.

Mine had a not so nice 3C (greenish) tint LED in it and i never got used to the tint shift either…

Later bought the newer version, a matte black one with an XP-L HI in it with the so much nicer 3A tint in it.

Less tint shift too, and much more throw (narrow beam).

Is the Convoy C8+ with the SST40 newer than a Convoy C8 with a XP-L HI?

Yes, definitely newer.
The Luminus SST-40 is a new kid on the block, compared to Cree XP-L (HI).
The SST-40 can handle much more power too.
In fact, the SST-20 performs similar to an XP-L HI.

Oh good now I feel much better! :person_with_crown: /walks away with head held high\

Hello, also from Spain!