Alexa.......industrial level loss of PRIVACY.

The mere fact of me typing this message to participate here in this thread already has part of my privacy already exposed!

…or perhaps I’d live in a cave?

Yep, true tatasal… :+1:

As far as caves, I think I could make any of these work. The one on a deserted beach might just be a preference as long as it is in a warm deserted place… :wink:
With plenty of fish to catch for eating purposes of course…… :beer:

“Can somebody explain to me what type of person and what type of mentality of freely bringing a device in your house that can be easily used to spy on you?”

To play Despacito, of course :stuck_out_tongue:

Assuming those two phones you have are “smart phones”, they do everything that Alexa does, plus spy on your movements wherever you go.

I don’t see any extra privacy issue with Alexa or Google Home, if you already have decided to accept the privacy issues that smartphones have.

Don’t want to have the potential to be spied on? Get rid of all Internet-connect devices that have a microphone or camera.

After I learned about Snowden and the abilities the NSA has in the name of “National Security” I don’t believe there is such a thing as guaranteed privacy.

Sure you could tape every phone you have, put them in a copper mesh crate while your home but even if you lived in a copper mesh no internet safe house the second you step outside every single thing you do is traced.

CCTV cameras
Bank activity
Bystander cellphones that aren’t taped
Every single email/internet account they can access

At least it’s not as bad as Russia! Watched a documentary on their tech boom and the number one reason large companies aren’t going there are the governments requirements on Internet security:
The Russian government requires that any internet based company provide a minimum of 6 months worth of every users activities that can be accessed by the government at any given time.

Big companies like Google & Facebook simply stated that the amount of servers they’d have to invest in to store that much data would cost more than it would to set-up in Russia. That’s why Russia now has their own nokoffs of all major tech websites.

OOOOOOO you’ll also like this one!!! Speaking of loss of privacy, a Russian programmer has now developed an app that allows you to take a photo of anyone on the street and it’s algorithms will then use facial recognition to identify any websites which contain photos of your face, show you all the photos it can find and identify any social network sites containing those photos and give them your profile information. That particular app company also has the most advanced facial recognition software available and annually wins the facial recognition software competition hosted by google or whoever annually. It crushes anything available by google or facebook…

lol with all that going on… Alexa and the google home can listen all they want. the convenience they provide is worth the small additional loss of privacy

You are over-simplificating the problem.
There is still a public sphere and a private sphere. If we can’t control everything that is going on in the public sphere, at least we still have the control on what’s going on in our private sphere.
If we are too lazy to manage our private sphere and prefer to call ‘paranoid’ those who still have the will, it’s our very own problem and we deserve to just be STASI meat.

  1. the word is simplifying

2) anyone who thinks they “still have control on what’s going on in your private sphere” is delusional.

The only people who do have control of that are living off-grid without any internet connection or information registered by the government.
For example a tribe in a remote part of the world, those people have privacy because the government doesn’t know they exist.
Using a VPN and tor and taping over a webcam is just a joke. But I guess placebo effect makes some people feel safer.

Enderman is correct, Reference “Unabomber” and his circumstances and how long it took to stop him.

I don’t understand your point here, mine is that the primary issue is asserting control of our society and government and what the state can and will “break into your house” for.

I’m all set.

The authorities did not “Stop him”
His brother did by informing the police where to look.
Hated that afterwards the lawmen were patting each other on the backs when they were never close to this guy for how many years.
Without the brother, the guy is still out there.

This would not be able to happen in today’s world because of the vast amount of cameras, both gov’t and personal citizen cameras.

Good catch!

We’re getting bad here but in GB, they are getting to the point of putting cameras in bathrooms.

Up here, i wanted to find out who is putting the cameras in every major intrsection i was asked why i wanted to know. Am i a tetrorist.

My answer was no fface, because i want to know if i had an accident, is the video evidence available.

Even my local cop is not sure who is watching.

We have lost control of our “government”.

Oh, so now your argument is that you don’t want government or any control of society and that you want to do illegal things at home without risk of being broken into?
Ok then.

talk about stuffing words!