Alexa.......industrial level loss of PRIVACY.

Can somebody explain to me what type of person and what type of mentality of freely bringing a device in your house that can be easily used to spy on you? Just the questions made to it alone are loss of privacy, but to be able to hear conversations?

It will never, ever be allowed in my house, even it it’s suppose to be the future of “keeping an eye on old people”.

Is it just me with this opinion?

The same people who use facebook I presume…

I feel the same way, however in order to completely be off the grid, you’d have to get rid of everything “smart”. Everything. For example, if you have the nest to control your house A/C, it knows when you are “away”. The problem is, all these “smart” devices have made life a little easier and I use that term loosely.

I forgot to make the point that not only Alexa listens, your smart phone does too.

The only devices in our house that has eyes or ears are the phones. Emphasize ONLY. All the tablets cameras are permanently taped over. The sound ports are “band aid” taped but removable because we use Skype. The phones are in the kitchen, facing up, piece of cloth on top and we are ALWAYS AWARE that if we need to makes sure we have privacy, the phones land up under the living room pillows.

If I didn’t need the phone at home to receive alarm calls form the buildings, an insurance mandate for self monitoring, the phones would be in in a steel container.

Other then the two phones, NOTHING will ever be allowed in my house that can “see or hear me”. Certainly not Alexa.

What are you doing for your privacy?

Rather than putting the phones in a steel container, why not just turn them off?

I’m not sure “off” is really off unless I remove the battery and it’s faster to see if there are any messages or emails.

BTW……I should stop saying metal boxes and make that wooden boxes. I don’t think I can have reception inside a metal box. All I want to do is shut off the eyes and ears, which can be done through a wooden box. Perhaps an acoustically padded one.

Just google cia deal Alexa Jeff bozo. Be ready to catch your jaw from hitting the floor.

If you think the western intelligence agencies need certain brands to allow them to install surveillance utility into your electronics or to access the collected info I envy your optimism.

Information warfare and data/opinion manipulation is the future.

Shameless plug for my favorite television series of all time but “Stand Alone Complex” really nailed their predictions.

Oh crap! My wife finally coerced me into hearing aids. They are so much better she said…they even communicate with each other…wirelessly.
So now I am in the info culling/sifting network? Iffn someone tells me they want to blow up IRS, will the CIA hear it?

Don’t forget your alarm system has mics (glass break). Video cam firmware from China. TV from Korea. Your car might have a satellite link. Wifi router. Smart electricity meter phones home. Forget Facebook just search something on your computer and u have plenty of metadata collected about you.

I could go on but why bother, some things you can’t stress about.

Yea I concluded a long time ago that if you have WiFi in your house, it’s over. Too bad my wife loves her reality shows :person_facepalming:

No matter how many devices you have that can see you or listen to you. There aren’t enough human ears and eyes to watch and hear every single thing. It’s physically not possible. They don’t even hit on certain words or phrases when compiling data. They have algorithms that learn your patterns and determine when there is a variance in your pattern. It can’t even be a single variance, it has to repeat but, not become another pattern. That variance has to be connected to other variances in other peoples patterns.

The biggest ease droppers aren’t even the government. They are things we voluntarily use but pay them no mind because we think they make our lives better. Google, Facebook, etc. Ever wonder how the ads you see always seem to have the thing you are looking for?

It’s hopeless trying to stay off of everyones radar. You’ll die a broken man/woman trying. Live your life in such a way that you don’t care what anyone hears or sees you doing. Personal finances excluded. Or you can be paranoid till you have nothing else to occupy your time.

It’s honestly pretty hilarious how paranoid some people are.
Every time you go out in public video cameras and microphones record everything anyway.
Unless you did something bad nobody is going to check security camera footage of you.
So would you go outside with a mask on? Or never leave your house? lol
Try showing up to a bank with your face covered, see how that goes :smiley:

Clearly OP doesn’t understand that nobody cares about him.
Someone that’s the CEO of a multi-million dollar company on the other hand, maybe yes.

Pretty much just staying in the ‘stone ages’ as far as a lot of the ‘new technology’ is concerned…. because I could care less about it.
For the rest of it, I suscribe to what toddcshoe suggests above…. :wink:

Don’t worry, be happy…… :smiley:

Thanks for the warning!! . :+1: . I “caught my jaw” just before it slammed on the floor…. :open_mouth:

Jeff Bezos Is Doing Huge Business with the CIA

The problem is that what is “something bad” can change drastically at any time, not that you could be seen doing it. Like always the issue is people and how they utilize technology, not the tech itself.


It doesn’t take much of an effort to secure a house. Every device that can hear/see can be taped over. Not bringing in garbage like Alexa. Etc.

Knowing what devices can do is most of the battle.

Then explain why you allow the government to have pretty much all your information such as location, phone and email, medical records, etc.
If you do something bad they will just break into your house.

You already lost that battle when you became a registered citizen.
If you actually want privacy then you need to live off-grid, without internet, phones, or being out anywhere in public.