Alibaba founder claims fakes are better than genuine items

A similar headline appeared in the facebook news items and I thought it was worth posting. Read about it HERE

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What a load of rubbish! Maybe a small percentage of knock offs are of equal quality. But usually they are much worse. They shouldn’t try and justify what they do as okay!

This is a joke, it belongs in the joke thread (and we are not laughing)

That’s a worrying mindset

That mindset has evolved in the recent years,

In 2000 they said “quality is good, close to original”. They had C, B, and A rating for their fake stuff. C being a flashlight with “Louis Vuitton” engraved on it, B a fake that you can spot from 100m away and A requiring closer inspection.

In 2010 they said “quality is the same as original” and they developed AA, and AA+ rating for their counterfeit products. AA+ being an exact replica of the original, no visual or tactile difference. or so they claim.

If the fake is coming off the same assembly line as the genuine product (minus the label), I don’t see why it wouldn’t be just as good. Some of the time, this is exactly what happens.

Perhaps quality inspection isn’t as high with fakes, but I doubt most mass-produced genuine items get much quality inspection anyway.

Yes, there are very low-quality bad fakes. But there are also very good high-quality knock-offs.

Some of the flashlight clones I have are as good as the real deal. Sometimes even better!
I am not promoting counterfeit products - real brands/products have employees with families, mortgages and kids.

But the real product is not necessarily superior or justifies the actual MSRP. I have cloned Arduinos, flashlight hosts and cables that are all 100% fine. Outside of consumer tech the situation might be different thought, I am not too well-versed in fashion, to name one example.

MSRP is not just about quality, large part of it is for R&D, advertising, QC, brand imaging and other important parts to bringing a product to the market. These aspects are ignored most of the time by those who support counterfeiting.

Yes, Jack Ma is right at some point…he just didnt mentioned that the good clones now have brands:
Xiaomi, Huawei….Great Wall… they also have new models and brands even better than the original, just check the new Xiaomi 3s for crying out loud, its great for just 100 bux, while Samsung and Apple simmilar products costs 3-4-5 times more

The biggest China problem is that they have many “quality levels” usualy hidden from the customers, plus a big lack i
of business ethics

Nevertheless i do beleieve China will be the future, you cant imagine how motivated ppl are in there : they have the people, the ” know how”( due to the coprotation greed) and endless resourses( Russia is just a step away)

Yep what future do we have if no one wants to put money into R&D? We are not just talking about flashlight here they counterfeit most thing! People say this is okay but clearly quality is a factor if people still prefer lithium ion and NiMH that are made in japan over Chinese cells? Not just fake Chinese cells people prefer Japanese eneloops over Chinese.

I am all for cheap products but id prefer quality we are lucky now to have companies like Convoy and thorfire that make there own lights and still do R&D at6 a cheaper price.

This is great to hear because I just got a “killer” deal on a Chinese knockoff pacemaker.

have you heard that china has found apple guilty of copying a chinese company and has ruled that apple is not allowed to sell the iphone 6.


I am not too sure how Jack would feel driving around his home town of Hangzhou in a fake Ferrari rather than his real one.

It reminds me of this awesome top gear episode!

i prefer to give a fake limb for disable person than giving them a genuine one :laughing:

I think it depends on the industry. I don’t like it when fakes rip-off technology, where R&D is needed to improve our lives. But if designer clothes are ripped-off, I really don’t care.

Yes, I realize elitist, pompous, self-absorbed clothing designers need to make money to support living their hollow lives in their huge mansions, but for some reason I have less sympathy for them. Go figure.

Before 15 years when we heard that chinese make flashlgith too everybody laughed….now, they are the only one, and Surefire
When LEDs emerged it was the same, China invented the COB chip , now we do have 3 compaines from China in the LED top 10
Same was with the solar panels - now the only one ( of importance) that remained are china companies…even Sharp and Samsung gave up

One should never underestimate China, they are patient, very motivated, there is no democrasy , worker rights and environmental laws: the perfect business conditions

Do you know that for the past 5 years China invested more $ than combined US and EU in infrastructure? And God only knows how many $ in R@D

And nothing can stop them, they “produce” like half a mill engineers every year…maybe a natural disaster …or if we bring democrasy to them :slight_smile:

Perhaps…. but they do not innovate. All they can do is copy. OK, so they invent one or two things… then do nothing with them since tehy have no idea what to do with it or how to incorporate that invention (and that would be a stretch of the word, more likely a modification on another idea) into any marketable product.

Counterfeits, and copies drive out business for the legit products, and often in the best cases make the legit items a niche, high-end cost product. That is no good for anyone, and creates disincentive to do any R&D at all.

Who will the Chinese copy, clone, and counterfeit when no one else is making anything new or innovative anymore?